Canadian women and dating nigerian men

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canadian women and dating nigerian men

married nigerian man canada. July 28, I am a Canadian who married a Nigerian man 7 yrs ago. I'm a praying woman please help. Nigerian men are devils and by the time you finish reading my story you I am under 30, and graduated from a Canadian university about four. I just thought I'd mention something that may help the Canadian women on here who are married to Nigerian men. It takes quite a while to get a.

Appreciate yourself and people will find a reason to love and appreciate you. Anyone who is worth dating will be glad to date a person with a high esteem.

Let me emphasize that you are what you attract. Someone with glitches will attract someone with hitches.

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Therefore value yourself and you will find someone who values you right back. Fourth, date for the right reasons. Some people date just to fill an empty space in their life, which can be very hurtful; Look inward and establish why you seriously need a date, before going into one. Be truly sincere with yourself. Therefore if you want a good and healthy relationship, then your reason for finding a date has to be wise, good and healthy too.

canadian women and dating nigerian men

Fifth, improve yourself and be ready to work. One sure way of finding and keeping a good person is to improve yourself as a person; it will greatly increase your worth in the dating world.

canadian women and dating nigerian men

If you have emotional issues, address them squarely and promptly, it might not be that easy but at least make an effort and work at it and with time you will be able to resolve your emotional baggage.

So, before finding a date, address your own issues. And also,improve on your internal and external appearance because your looks both internally and externally make you more or less attractive. Sixth, do not emasculate your date.

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No one wants to be around a date that emasculates them, a good man or woman would not want to go into such a relationship. How are you going to meet good people if you are unfriendly? Being unfriendly can hinder you from finding a good date.

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Everyone wants to have a kind, caring, and humble individual as his or her date. Some people are naturally rude and unfriendly and they expect to find a decent date. Eighth, be in the right company. One way to meet good people is to hang out with the right crowd with well-brought-up persons in it. If everyone in your circle of friends is violent, cheats and irresponsible then you will not find a good man through such company of friends.

So pls and plsjust stick to him Ok? Nigerian mens are one of the best ever, l8er caper nedureg Caper, I bolded that statement in nedureg01 posting. I can tell you that it is very possible that he genuinely does that contrary to what that posting may have insinuated.

canadian women and dating nigerian men

A true gentleman who knows how to treat a lady he cares about will definitely open the doors, pull your chair, and a lot more so it is very possible this is very genuine.

This is from my personal experience and what I have seen here.

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Now, that Nigerian men are not romantic, I believe everyone is different and I can tell you I know ladies who have a contrary opinion. So, my point, it depends on the person and you will definitely be able to form your opinion based on your experience with him. And I do praise him because he has a job that he works very hard at and he also returned to university at 33 years old to better his life, so he doesn't sleep alot and is always at work or school, what little spare time he has is for me, I always let him know that I am impressed and proud of him for working so hard to improve his future.

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I don't expect anything from him because I am quite capable of getting anything I want for myself, so maybe that is why he tries so hard to make me happy. I'm sure his being patient with u cos ure white too. Sooner or later u guys will understand each other 1 Like Re: Who said we cant do that because we are Nigerians?