Chen and li ying dating games

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chen and li ying dating games

Charlene Choi PHOTOS: APPLE DAILY, WILLIAM CHAN'S Though Chan was rumoured to have moved on Chinese actress Zhao Liying She was married to actor Ronald Cheng in when she worked Tech · Games. 新剑侠情缘手游 which has Zhao Li Ying and Lin Gengxin as their endorsers. that range from a kitchen electronics company to a mobile game. In this episode we had William Chan, Zhao Liying, Jessica Jung, In this game, Zhao Liying failed the first test because her “intuition” told her it.

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At the same time, a boat of fishers arrived: The maidens will have to seduce men with their beautiful voices so they can go back to their human form. The bad news is that only four of the five beautiful ladies can be saved He Jiong will not chose. This means, it is singing competition time!

When asking William Chan who he would rather chose, he choses number 2. Finally, it is time to make a choice. Then Ren Zhong choses… Zhao Liying. Next, William Chan choses Jessica Jung and. Xie Na, after much pleading, is left alone.

But it is all good because she has a strong-will and made her legs appear herself. Now, the team are separated as follow. The first games are survival games. One goal was to bandage a hurt person.

Zhao Li Ying and Lin Gengxin are back in ancient garb for The Lost Town - DramaPanda

Team one did very well with Wang Ziwen, but team two was a mess with William Chan. Cute, but a mess. ZLY and Jessica had fun banding his whole face instead of only where it hurted and the whole team had difficulties to pull William up. Du Haitao had the most difficulties, while as William Chan looked like he was flying! You go girl, promote our drama like your life depends on it! Her father was the masseur and nutritionist for the fourth brother of Brunei's current Sultan.

It was reported that Li Ying's father is very well-known among the overseas Chinese social circle in Brunei, and Li Ying herself was Chun's high school classmate. Like Li Ying, Chun also comes from a very privileged and wealthy family in Brunei.

chen and li ying dating games

His father Goh Kim Tian is an estate tycoon, and the family's car agency company is one of the country's most popular companies. According to Chun, Li Ying was a relative of his brother-in-law. When Chun was 16 years old, his brother-in-law remarked that Chun still did not have any dating experiences yet, and thus introduced him to Li Ying.

Chun said their first encounter was awkward, but after getting to know each other some more, he admired her personality. Soon, he fell in love, reports Jayne Stars.

chen and li ying dating games

One year I picked her up from school every day too. Chun explained, "Brunei is a simple place. She and him danced together to that song.

Zhao Li Ying and Lin Gengxin are back in ancient garb for The Lost Town

Afterward, the guests and MC are divided in four teams. I feel bad for JJ for being team mated with the weakest teammate. The mission is to win all the game and be able to collect as many golden coins as possible. There are four treasure boxes presented to the teams and only one contains gold. The first game is a throwing one. The girl has to throw circular rings and the guys must catch the say ring using their neck. Because of this, the white team starts. Their performance was really good, but I guess passing first is not a good idea.

Yellow and White team each scored 8 rings, Orange team scored 10 and blue team Blue team wins and gains a new member, Weijia, as well as the knowledge as IN which treasure box is the gold. The next game is a speed game. Always in team, the contestants must arrive at the other side the fastest by first passing the girl above an obstacle, then wear a hat, and finally jumping to leave the hat on top.

It is hard to explain so look at the pictures. Orange team win with a score of 15 seconds while others are all in the thirties. Unsatisfied, everyone decide to challenge the high score. Zhao Liying and William Chan succeed with a speedy 8 seconds! Anyway, the game consists a music playing and everyone dancing until the music stops. When it stops, they will yell a random letter from A to C and it is the responsibility of the contestants to go through the hole with the letter yelled marked on it.

This turns out to be really funny to watch.