Dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

My married man's wife is pregnant! What should I do? - relationship advice

dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

My married man's wife is pregnant! Tagged as: Cheating, Dating, Pregnancy, Three is a crowd, I just found out that his wife is pregnant. There are all kinds of reasons for this person to get out this relationship. For one thing, he's married. She needs to learn her lesson and not sleep with people. The man who I am in love with is married with a pregnant wife. Fixated on being a dad he impregnated his wife who he did not love and now that he has .. I have had married men try to date me and I flat out refuse to go there.

Two weeks ago something happened. I accidentally I got into his mailbox and found out he exchanged a few flirty emails with an ex-girlfriend who contacted him. And today, he contacted someone who has a personal ad on some romance site.

dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

Maybe it is just a fun for him, but it is possible he wants to meet new women. It means he is lying to his wife and to his secret lover as well?

dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

When I wanted him to tell me the truth, he almost started to cry, like a little boy…. I suffer like hell. Part of me wants to run, but another part in me forces me to stay and watch both of us, like when you are watching a movie.

Why do I chose to experience such a horrible relationship, when I never dreamed of something like this? And why he is doing what he is doing? Why am I doing this?

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Why am I so obsessed and fascinated by what he is doing and where will this lead? As for you, you sound like a heroin addict.

dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

And as long as you want to stick that needle in your arm, there is not much anyone can do for you. Adele and Paul, pictured in happier times.

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He revelled in the attention he was getting from other women. Adele, picutured in with son, Cain.

dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

He moved in with his mistress, but the relationship foundered after a few months. Then, in DecemberPaul begged for another chance. Keen to give their marriage another go for the sake of their children, Adele agreed. But the relationship was never the same again. The husband Adele loved and trusted had gone.

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They eventually split for good in December Adele and Paul, pictured with all three children. I would have spared myself and my children a lot of heartache. Rebecca, from Worcester, had been touring Europe as a dancer when she became pregnant with her first child, Chloe, now Alarm bells rang when Rebecca noticed he was receiving an unusual number of calls from the stand-in dancer.

Rebecca is pictured here in with her daughter Chloe, then 4. He told Rebecca repeatedly he was sorry and promised he would never stray again, so, when Chloe was two, she agreed to give their marriage another go. They moved to Belgium to run a bar and then, when Darcy was two, decided to live in Spain, where Marc wanted to set up an estate agency. The twins were born in July — eight months after Darcy.

dating a married man and his wife is pregnant

When confronted, Marc insisted the twins were not his, but admitted the woman believed them to be his. Their marriage continued for another 11 years until they divorced in Marc pleaded with Rebecca to forgive him and, incredibly, she decided to give him another chance.

But there were more shocks in store: I cheated on her and take the blame.