Diabetic dating and singles

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diabetic dating and singles

Hi, newly diagnosed T2 wondering how other diabetics have worked around the more restrictive diabetic lifestyle to meet people. Find someone sweet to spend your days and nights with at Diabetic Dating--plus, there's no sugar involved! Join now and date someone who understands your. The following week, when we were on the phone planning our first date, Then he said he was a type 1 diabetic, and there's too much sugar in sangria.

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For a person dating with a diabetic, the challenge is sometimes taken to a whole new level. The challenge is not something that one can do something about. Sometimes it is just something that takes a lot more understanding and a dose of sensitivity. Here are some of the possible challenges that a person may face when it comes to dating someone with diabetes. Food Choices For most people, a idea for a romantic date includes going to a favorite restaurant or hang out to eat, drink and get to know each other more intimately.

This is actually the typical date that most people wish for and expect. But when it comes to dating someone with diabetes, this may not always be what one may expect. One of the reasons is because of the food. Yes, diabetes is a condition where diet is very important. This includes a wide variety of restaurant food choices to avoid.

diabetic dating and singles

This happened recently to Isabel, who contacted The Diabetes Council. Her boyfriend, who used to need her help with managing his diabetes, had recently obtained a new pump. He was cell-phone savvy, and he had a new T-slim. He became extremely independent in the use of his pump. He rarely spoke to her of his diabetes anymore.

diabetic dating and singles

When she asked, Isabel was told everything was fine, and for her not to worry about his diabetes anymore. In this situation, open the lines of communication. Let your loved one know that you care about them, and it helps you to feel more connected to them when you know how they are doing with their diabetes.

Tell them of your fears and worries, and ask them how you could be involved in their diabetes care. It may be something as simple as a reminder about an appointment, or to pack a healthy lunch for them to take to work. Whatever the level of involvement that the person with diabetes chooses, their significant other should try to respect their wishes and offer assistance if needed. Otherwise, they should allow the person with diabetes to maintain whatever level of independence that they desire.

A happy medium If you are fortunate, your spouse, friends and co-workers that surround you on a day-to-day basis are somewhere in the middle. A supportive friend or spouse will help you when you need it, and back off when you want to do things for yourself.

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Most people with diabetes express satisfaction with the level of involvement they receive from their significant other. Women tend to get vaginal dryness, and this makes for an uncomfortable sexual experience.

Men tend to get erectile dysfunction.

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The good news is that both problems are remedied best by self-managing diabetes and obtaining good control over it. There are also some good over-the-counter products for women with vaginal dryness, and some good medications on the market for erectile dysfunction. Be sure to ask your doctor if you are experiencing these problems in your relationship. Having a spouse or significant other who supports you in your diabetes serves to increase communication and intimacy, which can improve your sex life.

diabetic dating and singles

For relationships, with diabetes or without, communication is the key. For more on communication in relationships, read our article: The Effects of Diabetes on Relationships. Dr Jekyll and Mr.

Hyde — Did I yell at you when my blood sugar was low? You may hurt the feelings of your significant other, even though you do not mean to. Confusion from your low blood sugar makes you agitated, and you snap at your loved one more than you would like to admit. The best way to combat this is to avoid a low blood sugar. Explain that this is due to a low blood sugar, and not anything they have done. Boiling it down If you really love someone, it is not a deciding factor as to whether or not they have diabetes or not.

A little open communication about what to expect, how to deal with it, and what kinds of things you need help with, etc. At any rate, if you are a positive person, you can make sunshine out of rain. We invite our readers to add their input related to their experience with diabetes in relationships. Feel free to make comments in the comments section below.