Harry styles and kendall jenner not dating

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harry styles and kendall jenner not dating

Um Did Harry Styles Write Kendall Jenner This Love Letter?! A love letter! And no, not an insta DM, a hand written love letter. But she does date, and she's done so quite often. Since her Believe it or not, Jenner has even been linked with Harry Styles. Their fling was. Watch as Kendall Jenner is quizzed on 1D romance on Chelsea Lately "And you're not dating Harry Styles," she said, motioning towards.

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People are weird with stuff. So, I don't know their title. Is Kendall in a relationship with Harry? Barts together hanging out, so to me that's dating.

harry styles and kendall jenner not dating

I would call that dating. You know, you have the have 'the talk' [and] I don't know if they've had that talk yet.

A Definitive Timeline of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles' Relationship

Fans have been worried about her being spotted with the pair as she has a squeaky clean reputation. Splash News She was seen grabbing a burger with Leon after partying in London and the pair posed for selfies, but he was out with TOWIE's Vas J Morgan on Sunday night, who filmed him grinding on a girl while dancing to Rihanna, so we're ruling him out.

harry styles and kendall jenner not dating

A source also recently told Hollywood Life that Chris Brown is very "protective" of Kendall and they have been cosying up for pictures together on days out. Meanwhile, Selena also chatted to Capital about her latest album Revival, her second studio album, and how she's turned herself into a global pop sensation at the age of I wanted to use that as motivation to write this album and to create something that was authentic and was real and genuine and me.

Here are just a few of the reactions. Some people compared the writing to one of Harry's tour announcements.

harry styles and kendall jenner not dating

Did harry write this note to Kendall pic. You can see why fans were confused.

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However, other fans dug deep and realised it probably wasn't Harry. Also if you compare the love letter to one of Harry's fan letters, the writing is completely different. Now fans are joking about the mix up. And some are accusing Kendall of attention seeking. So Kendall uploaded that letter for people to really look into it more than they should and articles wrote about it being Harry and then she revealed who it actually was?

Noticing all of the drama online, Kendall took to Instagram again to clear things up.

Harry Styles with Kendall Jenner on lunch date

She reposted the letter, except this time she revealed who signed it, by writing: She then tagged them both in it. Kendall's response to the Harry Styles rumours. LMFAO even kendall took the time and denied that it was harry after yalls stupid fucking asses started saying it pic.