Joo jin mo and kim ah joong dating

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joo jin mo and kim ah joong dating

Profile Name: Joo Jinmo (Born Park Jintae) Hangul: 주진모, Hanja: 朴鎮泰 Birthdate: September 26, Lolz poor both actors, they are not even dating.. . I wanna see him in a romcom for a change with Kim Ah Joong. Yoo Ah In Diagnosed with Bone Tumor During Health Checkup for Military New Cross-border Romance as Joo Jin Mo and Zhang Li Confirm Relationship that started last year in that he's dating Chinese actress Zhang Li. This is Joo Jin Mo's first public relationship, if I'm not mistaken, while. relationship list. Ah-jung Kim dating history, , , list of Ah-jung Kim relationships. Who is she dating right now? Jin-mo Ju and Ah-jung Kim Jin- mo.

He wants her give Jenny a chance to help him finish her album and also reminds her of her role in a TV show he got her. Ammy refuses out of fear for possible competition for album sales with Jenny and is determined to find Hanna because she will come back to her like always. After many encounters with Jenny, they both realize that Jenny is actually Hanna.

Jenny's debut single " Maria " becomes a hit and in the party to celebrate it, Ammy brings Hanna's father in an attempt to blow her cover.

joo jin mo and kim ah joong dating

Desperate to keep her true identity a secret, Hanna ignores her father. Jung-min gets furious about her indifferent behavior.

“200 Pounds Beauty” Kim Ah Jung caused in a false report saying that she suddenly passed away

After the party, Sang-jun reveals to Jenny that he knows her true identity but is now cold and distant. He seems unable to forgive her for lying to him but says that he will conduct her concert scheduled the next day.

Hanna also confesses her love for him that made her to do such a thing. After realizing how worthless she was to him even as Jenny, Hanna tearfully refuses to have anything to do with him and leaves. When she tells the plastic surgeon about it, he makes Hanna realize that she's better off without Sang-jun. Even his father agrees and confronts Sang-jun for the deception after being sent photos by Ammy.

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Sang-jun stands up against her threat and his father's orders by refusing to cancel it. Sang-jun encourages a distraught Hanna to do this concert, not for the sake of the fans or the company but for herself. Before performing, Hanna apologizes to Jung-min for her earlier behavior. She coldly rejects her apology, telling Hanna that they can't be friends anymore after how she's treated her own father.

At the concert, Hanna proceeds tearfully to tell the large crowd her story: Sang-jun plays a tape of the old, obese Hanna, singing.

She even has a part-time job at night in phone dating, for which she uses her pretty voice. Hanna becomes a woman with a beautiful body, weighing only 48 kilograms, through plastic surgery and debuts as Jenny. Despite her beauty, she retains her pure and sweet character.

She helps others in difficult situations and sometimes gets hurt herself out of concern for others. Han Sang-jun, played by Ju Jin-mo He is a good-looking and very talented record producer. He is highly skilled at identifying potentially successful singers and making them into stars, as well as having artistic sense.

He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work so that he sometimes comes across as cold-hearted.

200 Pounds Beauty

He is good to people he needs, but does not express any real emotion to those around him. This is also where many famous Korean singers hold their concerts.

joo jin mo and kim ah joong dating

Around million won was spent on over 1, extras in order to make it look like a real concert. This realistic concert gives moviegoers another interesting thing to see. The concert looks especially authentic with the help of real-life backing musicians and concert managers, who are in demand these days. Not only the great dancing skills and actual singing of Kim Ah-jung are seen, but this scene is also the climax of the movie. The Olympic Gymnasium has three floors and is a facility that can accommodate roughly 15, people.

It is located inside Olympic Park and can only be visited during special performances.

joo jin mo and kim ah joong dating

However, Olympic Park is a good place to take a walk, enjoy inline skating, and biking, as well as to experience the beautiful natural setting. Hanna used to just glance at a wide-brimmed hat and a dress in the shop window but she finally wears the beautiful clothes and triumphantly walks the streets of Myeong-dong. This scene is reminiscent of a musical.

The brand of the clothes Hanna buys in the movie is Jessi New York. Her friend talks frankly about what types of women are popular among men, and about how men do not like Hanna.