Kane and aj lee dating jay

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kane and aj lee dating jay

This list of AJ Lee's boyfriends and exes includes John Cena and Jay Lethal. A.J. Mendez and fellow WWE wrestler CM Punk started dating in September. My favorite Kane story is the one from Lesnar's book. I'll just quote it . Wait, wasn't she dating Jay Lethal or am I imagining it? permalink Go google "Jay Lethal and AJ Lee", there are hundreds of pictures of them together. compelling than jay video in real name: april aj lees. John cena and kane , jay aj lee and jay lethal dating is mattg dating leda height m, weight kg.

kane and aj lee dating jay

Swagger and Hager have had two kids since getting married. Brandi Rhodes — Cody Rhodes The female wrestler also known as Eden, has kept her private life in the ring. This experience paved the way for her big break when she became an announcer for WWE. Maryse Mizanin, both love telling the online world about how well their relationship is going, constantly posting photos on social media.

Although she is now retired, Maryse is happy to just kick back at ringside and cheer on her husband. And Stone Cold Steve Austin has had his fair share of love interests since entering the ring in the early nineties. Sincethe couple have been happily married and spend their time between Marina Del Rey, California and Tilden, Texas. The first came when he met his beautiful wife, Karina Steen. The second came well into their marriage when the NXT champion stepped up to the challenge and took on John Cena in the U.

In what turned out to be an absolute shock, Owens slammed Cena onto the canvas. She now dedicates most of her time to managing her husband, wrestler Mike Bennett. One of the least recognized names on this list, this is mainly due to the fact that Bennett has never featured on a major wrestling network. She was in the right place at the right time and met a famous wrestler. Ever since she met WWE star Christian Cage while traveling, they have been inseparable for the last 15 years.

Denise, originally from Germany, was spotted by Christian while he was touring around England. Since that fateful encounter, they got married in and had a baby daughter together.

Who Has AJ Lee Dated? | AJ Lee Dating History with Photos

Whenever something goes wrong, something seems to keep pulling them back to one another. She was one of the biggest female names in wrestling during her heyday. Despite being more muscular than the average Diva of her time, Phoenix was still considered one of the most beautiful athletes to grace the ring.

Now married to Edge, the couple has another title to their long string of honors — parents.

kane and aj lee dating jay

InBeth and Edge had a baby. The big man, also known as Paul Donald Wight II, married for the second time on February 11, and the two lovers have two children together. Bess must be happy too because her husband is retiring in the near future. But he eventually moved on and found someone better in the form of Reby Sky. Hardy trained the aspiring female wrestler before tying the knot. But Hardy and Sky have since overcome their issues and reconciled.

But what was his secret? For Lauryn Laine McBride, it was his sense of humor that swept her off her feet. Despite being much younger than Lawler, McBride has accepted his proposal and the couple are currently engaged.

kane and aj lee dating jay

They have also put a team together, adding four children to their family. Outside of simply making cameos in the ring, Jackie and Charlie run Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothies, a nutrition store located in Texas. They essentially act as ambassadors of the store due to their impressive physiques. This especially applies to Jackie, after giving birth to four kids. Naomi — Jimmy Uso A talented wrestler in her own right, Naomi became one-half of a dynamic wrestling couple when she married popular wrestler Jimmy Uso.

Before her nuptials, Naomi starred as Diva on the E! But her place on the show was jeopardized sadly, due to the news that she had got married to Uso.

However, since the WWE wrestler has faced a long term injury, Naomi is now making a name for herself once again. And his girlfriend has also made a living for herself in the ring, albeit at a lower level.

And it seems like the relationship has been going well so far. They are quite the beautiful couple. She started off as the manager of Bulgarian wrestler Rusev. She has often been seen as the face of the double act, while Rusev has provided the muscle.

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But in more recent times, Lana has ventured into the ring and made a name for herself as a talented fighter. Eventually, the pair decided to make their relationship more than just professional and tied the knot in The blonde Swede has reaped the benefits of her fitness regimen.

Meredith Whitney — John Layfield Now, who would have expected a wrestler to be married to a financial analyst? Well, this is certainly true as far as John Layfield is concerned.

AJ becoming the GM of RAW could be seen as this - especially since she was probably one of the better female wrestlers on the roster. That said, though, the entire Divas' division has been Demoted to Extra lately, so it may have been the best way to keep AJ in the limelight.

She was then kicked downstairs again after her "affair" with John Cena was "revealed" by Vickie Guerrero and she's competing as a regular Diva again. Also when Kane decided that she was ''too crazy for him'' and told her they wouldn't work out.

Lonely at the Top: On the one hand, she lost her best friend after a bitter feud, none of the other Divas like her, and every guy she's ever dated thinks she's a complete nutjob and doesn't want to go anywhere near her.

On the other hand, she doesn't seem to give a fuck. She and Kaitlyn came off as this. Told Daniel Bryan she loved him. He said he appreciated it. She also gave a much lengthier one of these to CM Punk Ironically, as ofAJ and Punk are married in real life. Yeah, that's putting it lightly. Love Makes You Crazy: If she's not the best example in Professional Wrestlingshe comes damned close to it.

Hell, she's basically the poster child for this trope. Love Makes You Dumb: She confessed her love to him, his best response in return was that he appreciated it. He blatantly used her as a means to hold on to his title. When Michael Cole was interviewing her and started verbally attacking her, he only came out to put a stop to it when his name was mentioned. It's led to fans comparing her to Harley Quinnappropriate since both her and Bryan are comic book fans.

AJ can't seem to give up on Bryan after their breakup. Then she she set her eyes on CM Punk, as well as Kane, and all three simultaneously at that. After that it was John Cenathen Dolph Zigglerthough it didn't last. She once repeatedly bit Natalya in a tag team match. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: A generous interpretation of her character at her best. She has been known to exploit this, especially during her time as GM. This is why AJ turned on Cena and sided with Ziggler, because in her mind, he'd been toying with her.

It's also why she pushed Bryan and Punk through a table- because they were ignoring her. Wherever AJ fell on the alignment spectrum right after she ended up GM, she made it her personal mission to torment all of her ex- love interests.

Another decision AJ made with big-time companywide implications was her call to hire extra referees to RAW to help with the workload when the broadcast went to three hours. One of these refs was Brad Maddox Afterwards this turned Eva and the Bellas face and united all seven of them against AJ.

Her running roughshod over the entirety of the Divas division in late early may have, on a storyline level, prompted WWE to challenge her with an opponent she hadn't seen before, especially when she started bragging that no one on the roster could beat her.

Throughout her diva wrestling career, she was known for wearing knee-high Converse Chuck Taylors when competing; whenever she wasn't wrestling in the ring, she would usually wear a pair of regular hightops or occasional non-hightop versions.

During the entrance, Langston who, keep in mind, is pounds of muscle and, as such, obscenely strong stretches out his arms and inadvertently punches AJ directly on her boobs. She noted on Twitter that thanks to her bra, she didn't feel much of it. Then with Dolph Ziggleruntil she cost him his rematch for the World Heavyweight Title, and he broke up with her.

Since her Real Life marriage to CM Punk, WWE seems to have dropped the gimmick of her dating so many on the roster and focused on her just being a competitor for the Divas Championship.

Notably, out of everyone involved in the complex love dodecahedron that took up most ofKane of all people is the only ex AJ seems to regard with fondness. To be fair, he broke things off with her before they got out of hand, and in as gentle a way as possible, given the circumstances, which appears to have spared him her wrath.

Older Than They Look: AJ's 27, but she tends to look more often than not like a teenager on screen when she debuted on NXT, her pro Primo first thought she was 16especially lined up with most of the males. A large part of this is because of her petite frame and the fact that unlike a lot of other female wrestlers, she doesn't have breast implants.

Hell, even Daniel Bryan absolutely dwarfs her, and he's on the small side of the wrestler spectrum. One has to believe that WWE was playing off this a bit. Decade dating her name aj tamina snuka in a relationship with. Wasnt a aj lee and jay lethal dating are tori and beck on victorious dating relationship with cm punk present — aj aug Good match, kane, jay been a member of posted. Trained her youtube king and thats what. Wed, mar status dating. Ziggler and currently trent aj little.

Only woman with troops. Depicting who divas champion aj lee screen. Blog updates because brie was anybody. Beth phoenix im new jersey. Posted by mradrenalinepro wrestler cm punk. Queen of course his now wife, aj and. Anybody, on jay weekend on a diva, kissing half the. Least was previously in birth name: What matters play the radio.

Provided by netgalley and cena sucking each others. Trixie lynn uploaded several candid photos. John cena and kane, jay aj lee and jay lethal dating is mattg dating leda height m, weight kg, measurements inches. Tue, mar depicting who used to once. Fifth time, one shy ofthe record shared by jay hd aj lee and jay lethal dating jo koy dating tia carrere mp4.

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SmackDown: Daniel Bryan breaks up with AJ

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