Lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

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lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

Actress Song Hye-kyo and actor Song Joong-ki surprised Korean and overseas fans (From top) Lee Byung-hun, Hyun Bin, Jung Ji-hoon, Song unconfirmed rumors have claimed that Song dated other popular actors. Lee. Song Kyo and Lee Byung hun photos, news and gossip. Find out more about Byung-Hun Lee and Hye-Kyo Song dated from to The biggest news in K-Pop this week was Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung The two have been rumored to be dating for months now, and we're glad that they “All In,” Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo developed into a real-life couple.

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Thinking he'd keep his promise, she concluded her career as a gymnast and went to Korea. Rumors also say Kwon Miyeon was pregnant with his child in Canada, which she aborted before coming to Korea. Lee Byung Hun broke his promise by disappearing completely after getting her a small rental room. During this time, Lee Byung Hun was filming 'Iris', so CEO Jung Tae Won Taewon Entertainment, production company behind 'Iris' realized that the scandal could blow up into something bigger and ruin the drama if they didn't take care of it immediately.

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What they needed was a scapegoat, and they found it in former baseball player and TV star Kang Byung Kyu, who had a dirty image at the time for fraud and various gambling scandals.

Obviously since Kwon Miyeon was stranded in Korea with absolutely no money, she lost the case and disappeared from the media, with most thinking that Lee Byung Hun paid her off to stay quiet.

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Kang Byung Kyu, however, demanded an apology for all of the lies that Lee Byung Hun was telling the media about him. What actually happened was that CEO Jung hired a bunch of men to lynch him. He had CCTV cameras running at the time so he recorded the whole thing and only released manipulated footage where it looked like Kang Byung Kyu was the one physically assaulting them when it was actually in defense.

He used the footage as media play to completely oust Kang Byung Kyu from the industry. As he already had a negative image, the media and the public easily believed the manipulation and launched a witch hunt against him, completely ruining his career and image. Kang Byung Kyu took the case to court and stated that he was assaulted with a baseball bat first.

As CEO Jung is a highly powerful man in Korea, the court was about to rule in CEO Jung's favor until Kim Seung Woo eventually stepped forward as a witness and told the truth about everything that had happened the other staff at the scene refused to show as witnesses, as they were probably too scared of the repercussions, and stayed silent. The court then launched an investigation into the CCTV and found that it was indeed manipulated, so Kang Byung Kyu was found innocent of all charges thanks to Kim Seung Woo's testimony.

It was around March, that they both were seen in New York by the media. However, their agency said they are just good close friends. He uploaded some pictures with her daughter.

lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

A post shared by Ziyi Zhang ziyizhanglove on Jul 28, at 4: It only takes about an hour and a half by car from Los Angeles to San Francisco, so fans speculated that they might have had a secret date in San Francisco.

Jul 13, at Yu, five years junior to Song, belongs to the same agency with her.

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He also arranged a catering service to her photographing site. Yu is now 29 years old and Song is Looking forward to the future of their romance! The person was Hyun Bin, an actor in South Korea. They became close and started serious relationship in June, A post shared by Hyekyo Song kyo on Apr 13, at 6: Two years later, however, they officially admitted that they broke up because they were too busy to spend their time together.

lee byung hun and song hye kyo dating

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