Libra woman and dating an aquarius man

Aquarius Man & Libra Woman: Love & Relationship Compatibility

libra woman and dating an aquarius man

An Aquarius man and a Libra woman benefit from an almost instant attraction, He's not the best man at the dating game, so it's suggested she. The combination of an Aquarius man and a Libra woman can be very good. They both often manage to fall in love with each other in their first date itself. Libra and Aquarius both belong to the element of Air, and they will usually fall in love fast, get together fast and in many cases – break up fast. If they cherish.

They both benefit and work out on each other's flaws and their compatibility ratio only improves with time. Both the Aquarius man and the Libra woman rarely lose their temper and come across as happy-go-lucky couples.

They are both gifted with big social circles with their charming personalities. The Libra woman is great at gently coaxing him into things if he is being difficult about something. She always has a solution to his problem and with her clever mind; she manages to make him do whatever she wants without him realizing it.

They share a good sense of humor; can laugh at themselves after some time and none of them takes themselves too seriously. A post shared by Laz Pythia cosmic. They both give a lot of importance to friendship and partnership. They both respect each other and turn out to be each other's best friends.

libra woman and dating an aquarius man

An Aquarius man is a little arrogant and it is tough to move him away from something, once he has made up his mind. He is someone who believes in universal love. If he feels unsatisfied with a particular decision, he quickly moves on to the next and so on until he finds something that is completely fulfilling.


He takes his own time to find his love but once he has, he sticks to her for his lifetime. He doesn't mind marrying more than once in his life till he finds his soul-mate.

Once found, he is completely loyal to her. Even if they don't make the most romantic partners, they become best of friends. A Libra woman is often blessed with a dazzling smile and an inner beauty that radiates from within.

libra woman and dating an aquarius man

Even if they are not stunners by looks, they do manage to turn any man's head with their smile. They seek pleasure in materialistic things and always crave for lavish and attractive comforts of life. A Libra woman is also always very positive about everything in life.

Aquarius Man & Libra Woman: Love & Relationship Compatibility

This attitude of hers helps in creating positive vibes even about something that looks ugly or depressive. She is very independent and never too clingy in love, neither is she a controlling person. This attitude of a Libra woman gels perfectly well with an Aquarius man. He respects her for this freedom and this attitude. This freedom does not mean that she is aloof. A Libra woman is often quite supportive of her partner's goals and helps him to make correct decisions.

libra woman and dating an aquarius man

Both a Libra woman and an Aquarius man have different views on different things but they are also capable of compromising for each other resulting in a serene relationship. They both love music, art, religion, travel, children, and philosophy.

Their combination results in compassion and warmth on both sides.

libra woman and dating an aquarius man

On values and ideals, an Aquarius man would good-naturedly follow a Libra woman towards her ideals and values only to show her that he was actually right about it since the beginning. He does not mock her about it but instead takes it rather in a good-natured way. A Libra woman can aptly read her Aquarius man's mind and gives him the love and support whenever he requires.

She never lets her possessive nature come in the way of his freedom. Their combination is a magnificent blend of romance and friendship and is almost perfect from every angle.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man - The Blackbook

An Aquarius man brings excitement and happiness if he has a life with a Libra woman. He gives her wonderful dreams and a life full of pleasures. He also gives her space. She feels that he has a half-witted reasoning blended with witty imagination and brilliance.

She is almost always in awe of his intellect and does not let his half-witted reasoning bother her. He feels she can keep up with him on an intellectual level. They never run out of conversations. They are both mentally and physically bonded well with each other.

Both of them appear to be besotted by each other's assets. The Aquarius man sees only beauty in his woman and she finds him the smartest man on the planet. Their arguments dissolve quickly and their strong bond never lets any misunderstandings crop up for long.

Their love instills a feeling of warmth in their lives. Their romance delights them and makes each moment of their lives gratifying. Their sexual life is also highly satisfying and fulfilling.

Their sexual connection is often calming and peaceful as their minds run in harmony with each other. If both can overcome their natural tendencies to stay silent and stew, their relationship has a fabulous chance of thriving.

Personality and Outlook on Life Aquarius is a techie and inventor. This man can both hobnob and be seen as aloof because of his tendency to also be reserved. If that seems like a contradiction, welcome to the world of Aquarius, ruled by both cautious Saturn and turn-on-a-dime Uranus. This is a man who craves novelty and who wants the freedom to go where he desires and do what he wants to do. You may find him working at a startup or acting as a consultant in a technical field.

Libra is the communicative, socially aware sign, always looking out for the good of the planet, company, neighborhood, and office. Libra women are independent and logical but emotionally open; the sign is ruled by Venus and these women offer a beautiful combination of emotional support and cool strength. Librans often end up in leader positions, so a Libra woman may be the one to start those startups or arrange to bring in a consultant for a company.

Both Libra and Aquarius are air signs, so they're both into ideas and looking ahead. If time travel were a thing, these two would go forward, not back. They're both inventive and resourceful, and Libra's preference for balance can keep Aquarius's feet more on the ground. The Aquarius man's need for novelty can complement the Libra woman's quirky side while also exposing Libra to more new influences.

Air signs tend to have a reputation as very spontaneous. However, Aquarius still wants some stability in life, and Libra isn't nearly as flighty as some might have you believe. In fact, Libra can set up quite a calm home base, allowing both Aquarius and Libra to have an oasis to always retreat to.

Both may have to travel for their work, for example, but neither will be satisfied with always living out of a suitcase. Get a personal astrology reading to learn more about Aquarius men and Libra women!

Excellent Money News No matter what type of relationship the Libra woman and Aquarius man have, finances are going to shine. Be it a business partnership or a marriage, these two are right on the same page regarding the creation of a solid, supported future. Both are very cautious about money. They aren't unnecessarily tightwadish, but they know how to rein in the spending if needed.

Retirement shouldn't be an issue for either as both will work hard to put money away for the future. If the two set up a mutual financial goal, there's a pretty good chance they're going to make it.

Aquarius man and Libra woman

As long as there are no other personality issues that would tend toward spending, these two are going to have a harmonious financial outlook. Libra communicates but wants to be fair, often not bringing up those little things that get on her nerves.

Aquarius can be aloof and not very open at all, which means grievances are going to stay under the emotional rug. This can lead to avoidance if both aren't careful, which can then lead to blowups when one person can't take it anymore. Libra can feel especially blindsided because Aquarius can really let loose, though Libra isn't exactly a slouch in the withering-remark arena. It is vital for the health of the relationship and the blood pressure of both people involved to talk things out early.

These two might not necessarily need a weekly check-in, but they both need to realize that addressing issues early on in a calm, let's-work-this-out-together manner is going to save both of them a lot of hassle. If they don't get used to ironing things out early, this relationship could fail fairly fast. No one likes to hear negative news, but this could really drive a stake through the relationship, and both Libra and Aquarius need to deal with this head on.