Ncis mcgee and abby dating

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ncis mcgee and abby dating

Leave it to NCIS forensics genius Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) to Gibbs (Mark Harmon), special agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray) and Dr. Mcgee And Abby Sleep Together case, with other people), and both Tim and Abby have been shown to sleep with whomever they are dating. A Weak Link Abby tells Kate about the date McGee took her on. Abby " McGee is all mad at me." Kate "Why? What happened?" Abby "We went to Buzzed.

McGee is always shown as a computer consultant to Gibbs. It resembles one of brother and sister. McGee was the first person to point out that Ziva was avoiding Tony at the start of season 7 and that sooner or later she would have to straighten out that relationship. He is much more comfortable and confident around Ziva than her predecessor, Kate Todd.

When Ziva was in Israel between seasons 5 and 6, she and McGee e-mailed each other once a week. McGee has been to Ziva's house at least once, he was invited to her dinner party in season 3. McGee was also the one to show Ziva some ways to work from the area they live, and in return she gave him an apple — which Tony immediately stole before McGee was aware of the gift. Throughout season 7 as Ziva prepares to become an American citizen McGee supports her, even testing her, and attends her naturalization ceremony.

McGee tries to personally upgrade the network wiring since the union won't do it due to the heat. When Kate discovers him under her desk, she believes McGee is trying to look up her skirt and despite McGee's protests, drags him up from underneath by his ears.

Seconds later, McGee tells Tony he didn't look and Tony says he believes him, only for him to ask if Kate is a "pantyhose or a thong girl" but McGee doesn't reply as Kate responds by elbowing DiNozzo in the stomach. After Todd's death, like the rest of the grief-stricken team, McGee had to cope with the loss of a friend, and like DiNozzo would fantasize about her.

With Ziva's departure in the episode " Aliyah ", McGee is promoted to be Tony's partner in the field, and their relationship in the episode " Truth or Consequences " is shown to be friendly.

For example, Tony used McGee's first name, Tim, more often and hasn't called him 'Probie' since season seven began. However, despite his junior status on the team, it is apparent that, despite teasing, he is on friendly, even familial, terms with every member of the team. In "Probie", McGee, who was deeply shaken after killing someone later revealed to be an undercover policeman in self-defense, later confesses to Tony feelings of inferiority to the rest of the team as he is the only field agent on Gibbs' team to have little experience in using weapons compared to his colleagues Tony was a cop, Gibbs was a sniper, Kate was previously in the Secret Service while Ziva was a highly skilled Mossad operative.

He used some of Tony's old pranks on Bishop, such using a trick coin when tossing to see who has to retrieve a corpse from a septic tank. Abby Sciuto[ edit ] McGee had an extended relationship with forensics technician Abby Sciuto in season one, but there is no direct reference to their relationship ending.

In contrast to Tony DiNozzo, McGee has had few relationships, or possible ones, almost all of which have begun and ended in the same episode. Tony responds that she is not his type, stating that as he has never had the urge to tattoo his butt, they would have little in common. At the end of the episode, McGee tells Tony that he went to get the word 'Mom' tattooed on his butt to impress Abby.

In Season 5 McGee has issues with a girl who stole his heart and his credit, when he asks for help from Abby she tells him "I love you McGee and that should be enough", which hints that Abby has feelings for McGee.

When in stressful or uncomfortable situations, as seen in the episode " Grace Period ", while trying to deal with the death of a friend, McGee will often retreat to the forensics lab for reassurance from Abby.

Abby looked after him and named him after Gibbs, but because her landlord wouldn't let her have a dog in her apartment, she forced McGee to take him much to his dismay as the dog had attacked McGee at the beginning of "Dog Tags", forcing him to shoot it in the side, a through-and-through flesh wound.

Aside from Gibbs' basement, McGee's home has been shown in the most number of episodes of all the series' characters.

At the end of Season 8, however, there is a very tender moment between the two of them and McGee tells Abby "If something ever happened to you I would. As with Abby, Ducky at times adopts a fatherly attitude towards Tim as demonstrated in the season four episode "Smoked". It seems that Ducky's fatherly relationship with McGee mellows into one of mutual respect.

During "Enemies Domestic", McGee seemed pretty shaken-up and almost distraught after seeing the extent of Vance's injuries following the explosion. Family[ edit ] Several members of McGee's family have appeared in the series over the years.

His younger sister, Sarah, first mentioned in the Season 2 episode, " See No Evil ", plays a prominent role in the fourth season episode " Twisted Sister ".

ncis mcgee and abby dating

The two seem to differ greatly in personality but are still very close. Sarah McGee is portrayed by Troian BellisarioMurray's real-life step-sister, and daughter of series creator and former executive producer Donald P. In " Hide and Seek ", it is revealed that McGee's father is a naval officer, and stationed in California.

Tony has described McGee's family situation as akin to the film The Great Santini — a " military brat " brought up in a strict household — in "The Penelope Papers" and several other episodes and the admiral himself admitted to Tim his regret in not spending as much time as he should have with his family. I thought you were kidding me Gibbs. You'll do fine Ziva, I've had marriages shorter than that.

Or, if you'd prefer, I can shoot you in the spine. Would you rather be a para- or quadriplegic? Ziva thinks that all men are liars. Ha, so if I were to lie to you, you would be able to tell? Wouldn't go there, Tony.

Oh, watch and weep. I had eggs for breakfast this morning. Last night, I had a date with a very beautiful woman. My first car was a shiny new red Corvette. When you said you had a red Corvette, you looked down and to the left. A tell-tale sign when people lie. Tony, if you had gone out with a beautiful woman last night, you would have talked about it all day. Okay, but how could you possibly know that I had eggs for breakfast this morning?

Got a message from a dead guy. Ready to roll, boss!

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You got egg on your shirt. Not just your shirt Women want men to lie to them. Your butt looks as big as Alabama. Didn't want to say anything, but you got the 'Bama butt going on. Tell me you found a match on our suspect's prints, Abs.

That's what the victim was carrying. And there's no pennies. He probably threw them out. A lot of people do. I mean I don't but other people do. Do you know how many pennies are thrown out or put into jars every year? That's like 35 million dollars in pennies. That's a lot of pennies in any language. No, Russians don't have pennies, they have kopeks. So I guess that's not a who, it's more of an it. Who was the NIS case agent? What time is it in Mexico right now?

Want a 24 hour protection detail, DiNozzo, you're team leader. You're in safe hands Mike. I've seen your hands DiNozzo, they don't impress me. Well, we could toss a coin. All right, give me some gloves. You didn't pack the gloves. I thought you packed the gloves. There's no rush gentlemen, our patient isn't going anywhere. I dunno Ducky, the old Gibbs is back. It's a naturally stiff fiber woven from the leaf of the cactus plant. It doesn't matt, trap dust, build static, makes it ideal for carpeting.

Personally, I prefer a good shag.

Timothy McGee

In a British context, " shag " is slang for sexual intercourse. It's an odd decorating choice, although the corpse does give the place a certain lived-in look. Before I smelled like dirt and sweat. This shows that they know each other so well they know what the other is thinking 2. McGee holds up a bag containing a container of glue. He asks Abby what it is and she replies that it is called 'Bikini Glue' it's used to hold bikini bottoms in place so they don't ride up.

McGee says he's never heard of it before. Abby informs him that she used to go through sticks of it when she was 'on the circuit'.

McGee looks at her interested in her story. Abby says "There's so much you don't know about me. When Kate walks in with the dead woman's letters McGee divides the pile into thirds and tells Abby and Kate to start looking through the mail. Abby says "I love it when you're rough, McGee.

Later on in the episode he gets down about not being able to find the suspect and Abby tries to cheer him up by saying "We are better! I thought you went to MIT! This episode is also the one where Abby tells the 'creepy voice' "You might be smart, but MY geek carries a gun! Abby then asks McGee if he knows anything about ki, implying she wants a massage from him. McGee and Abby play rock, paper, scissors to see who is going to ask Gibbs if they can leave or if they have to stay. She is leaning into the trunk, Tim stands behind her and stares at her butt.

Without turning around Abby playfully says "Quit staring at my butt and get me an evidence jar. If the terrorist didn't shoot at him and make him move, Ari's shot would have killed him.

Tim is sad when Abby finds it sweet that McGee wants to protect her, but doesn't realize that's all he wanted to do, with or without Gibbs' orders. McGee "What is with this music? On the way to the cemetery, we play a dirge. Do you know what a dirge is, Timmy? That is so sweet! Abby Gibb-slaps McGee twice. Once in the evidence garage and once in her lab when he is fantasizing about Kate. He doesn't even flinch, he just smiles and takes it. McGee is assigned as Abby's protection.

Abby and McGee are the ones that try to calm Gibbs down by telling him that they think Ducky is with Gerald at a pub. Abby catches a break in the case and comes running into the bullpen. Abby sits down at his desk and starts typing at his computer Uh, what are you doing?

N-O-R orbited a new Keyhole. Abby "Why the seventh hole? Whatever the reason, we are grateful because that orbit took the Keyhole over Newport News! A video of him shooting? A black Chevy Suburban driving down the alleyway. The full license plate shows up on the screen. Abby throws her hands in the air in excitement and McGee hugs her from behind and pulls her out of his chair. This suggests they sat next to each other. Perhaps, they needed to be beside each other for support.

She is talking about the case and McGee is ignoring her. She plays around telling him she is having twins and Gibbs is the father. He keeps ignoring her. Tony walks in and Abby complains that McGee is ignoring her. Tony Gibbs-slaps McGee and tells him to stop ignoring Abby because she is sensitive. McGee looks at Abby and tells her "Sorry", Abby smiles at him.

Again, McGee and Abby get into a lengthy conversation while geek-speaking. Abby tells McGee she is impressed by him and his computer skills. They discuss the difference between luck and science. During the entire conversation they are sitting facing each other with their knees touching. Abby "That should do it.

That shows how much attention you pay to me. It was nine, Timmy. Did we do it? Yes, I think that we fixed it. I think the circuits are — just how many Caff-Pows have you had today, Abby? Now hook up the cell phone board and get cracking before Gibbs decides to crack you one.

So I suggest we get started. Abby catches him, walks out with a coy grin Abby "See something you like, McGee? She glances at him a little upset. He changes his answer I mean, yes?

What were you going to tell me? Abby gets very jealous and threatens McGee when she thinks he has a crush on Ziva. McGee "Abby, Ziva was amazing. I am one of the few people in the world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence. Knowing Abby's macabre personality, she most likely sent McGee the video. McGee worries that Gibb is going to be furious for not knowing the video looks real, but doesn't give his girlfriend's name away.

McGee takes the blame to protect Abby. Abby checks the video and says it looks real and unaltered. She then tells McGee she is sorry. Again, Abby most likely sent the video to McGee and is now apologizing for it. This indicates that Abby watches a lot of weird videos on the web. Abby doesn't reveal that she is McGee's girlfriend or that she sent the video. However, she defends McGee as though it was her fault.

When Abby mentions she watched porn with Chip McGee gets defensive. Abby "I guess it was worth it then. The reaction Pauley gets from Sean and Mark is their actual reaction. Chip leaves and McGee asks Abby how she gets any work done with Chip around. McGee tries to take away her old Caf-Pow and make her feel better about Tony being in jail.

What are you doing? What time is it? I lost two hours. All the FBI left me was a speck of blood and a carpet fiber. I have to look at this from a new perspective. She turns her head and stares at his butt. She sounds jealous Why is Ziva rating your butt? McGee asks Abby to run the dead guys prints. When Tim is distressed, Abby goes to great lengths to relieve that distress, such as setting up an aromatherapy room for him to his disgust but she handcuffs him to the chair so he cannot escape - love ain't truer than that.

Ducky said his liver showed signs of cirrhosis, but he was clean and sober last night. Come with me, McGee she links arms with him. What is that smell? What are these things? He picks up the bottle and reads the label Used for the treatment of depression, nervous tension, flatulence, and irritable bowel syndrome. Abby handcuffs McGee to the chair Where did you get these?

Just relax, enjoy, and inhale. Tim has much to be despondent about, at that stage. McGee tells Abby all about Tony coming over to 'cheer him up'. Abby comes running into the squadroom declaring that Rule 8 will "Save you McGee! Abby "I thought you would be out celebrating. The slugs are too damaged. Does it really matter?

McGee "Play it back again. Abby stares at him I mean please play it back again? It is purely an inspirational thing. Here's a hint I'm not one of the Village People! He rushes to her side Abby. She places her hard hat on his head and in a flirty voice says Don't let it happen again. Abby is visibly bothered by Ziva and McGee spending time alone together when he is working on a computer in her lab and Ziva wants to learn. What was that for?

At the end when the team is in her lab and they are talking about the donor DNA, McGee looks disappointed that the case is closed but happy that Abby will be published again.

We learn that Gibbs usually takes her out to dinner every year the night before her birthday but this year Gibbs forgot. During the episode McGee is in Abby's lab and he is discussing the case, while she is talking about Gibbs forgetting her birthday.

Abby thinks McGee is talking about her birthday, and McGee thinks she is talking about the case. The conversation they have is: McGee "Three almost identical women. All of them end up dead in Shannon Doe National Park.

ncis mcgee and abby dating

Now if our missing woman fits the same profile, we could be dealing with a serial killer. One who uses park accidents to cover up abduction and murder. So what do you think? But I think, this might be unforgivable.

Of course it's unforgivable. I know it's just a stupid birthday.

ncis mcgee and abby dating

Who cares if Gibbs forgot? I guess that I do. McGee says that Kody is obsessed with death and dying because his room is black, full of skulls and he listens to death metal. Abby takes offence and McGee clarifies that this stuff is OK if you are an adult. She retaliates that McGee kills people on-line yet he never took his class hostage.

Later on in her lab she hits McGee because he wasn't paying attention to her. After figuring out they can hack into the classroom web-cams she tells McGee to hit her back because she deserves it. He refuses to hit her, even after she calls his "Elf Lord. It's kind-of like the little kids in the sandbox who keep poking each other with a stick because they like each other.

He hits her and she chases him around her lab. Abby and McGee discuss the difference between Army and Navy rank. Abby gets McGee to call her "Sir". He is always so eager to 'play' along with her. Abby gets jealous when McGee defends Ziva. McGee falls asleep in Abby's lab after working all night to find an SD card with Gibbs and the rest of the team.

Abby "Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out. McGee, no lurking without a permit. Field test said it was cocaine, but…" Abby "I told you I was going to email you the results when I was done. All I had to do was give a deposition. You came all the way down here to see me in my court suit! We have to get out of here! McGee is wearing his MIT shirt and sweatpants. We know that Abby is possessive because she gets on her high horse when she finds that the toothbrush Tim said she left in his bathroom is not her toothbrush.

Abby "Nothing like a nice relaxing video game to calm the nerves. Did you change the refresh rate? Increased your throughput by fifty percent. I am going to take the sleeping bag. We can share the same bed. Your shirt smells like J Lo Glow. I think it fell out in your car. Your old toothbrush is still in my bathroom.

Maybe you should take the sleeping bag. McGee "What is creepy about it? I just never bothered to throw it out. Not for a quasi-manly Federal agent who carries a gun. McGee "Where are you going? We both know Gibbs is just being over-protective. A minute later there is a knock at the door.

She gets up and opens the door without checking who it is. It's McGee and he looks annoyed. Now listen to me. You do not open the door, okay? He walks into the hallway and turns to point at Abby. Or I will tie you up.