Ray lamontagne and meg white dating

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ray lamontagne and meg white dating

Meg White by Ray LaMontagne song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. Megan Martha White (born December 10, ) is an American drummer and occasional They began dating and were eventually married on September 21, . Ray LaMontagne wrote a song, called "Meg White", about the drummer; . All the dates are here: trinamichaels.info . Hi Ray! Did Meg White ever respond to your song? permalink; embed; save; give.

It's the way I approach a concert. I never really enjoy being at a show where the artist talks a lot between songs. Hence your decision to stay schtum between tunes. It's my own personal thing. To me, a musician who talks too much is like a magician who does a trick and then tells you how he did it. I don't want to know. I want to sit there and be taken away by the music, and have it be a mystery. I don't want to know where the songs came from or what you had for lunch, or how you are feeling.

It seems like a distraction. You live on a farm in Maine. Is it just a lifestyle thing or do you actually go out and till the land? Well, I don't depend on farming for my living. But we've got a nice garden; some goats and sheep and ducks and dogs. We've got a computer. But I haven't had a television since I was No television means No Battlestar Galactica.

No Curb Your Enthusiasm. I have so many other things I want to do. Back then, when I was 19, it struck me that it was a waste of time.

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I'm not saying that it is that way for everyone -- I'm not bashing people who have televisions. For me, I always felt sick to my stomach after sitting in front of it for a while. I still feel that way. You moved around a lot with your family as a child.

ray lamontagne and meg white dating

Did that inform your song-writing? I can't separate myself from my life experience, you know. Well, music certainly helped get you back on the straight and narrow, didn't it? By all accounts, you were quite the tearaway as a young man. It's funny -- I was working towards a sort of stability in my life. This was when I was 25 or When the opportunity arose to pursue it seriously, that introduced chaos back into my life. It was fantastic and the quietest crowd a very good thing ever.

How do you handle loud and obnoxious crowds? Ray LaMontagne I've learned to let them do their own thing. If you try in any way to control the audience's night, it's like swimming upstream.

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You're just making it harder for yourself. To me, the night belongs to the audience. They paid a lot of money to come to the show. If they want to scream and chat, it's completely up to them. How does it feel to have so many people you've never met tell you that your music has impacted their life? What does it feel like when someone says "because of your music I had the courage to Ray LaMontagne It makes me feel great. I'm glad that the music reaches people and affects them in a positive way.

I couldn't be more pleased to hear that from people. I am a fan of your for years. I love Supernova you should be proud. I would like to know 1 what you did in the 6 months you did not pick up a guitar and if you were not a performer what you see yourself doing? Ray LaMontagne I'm apprenticing as a blacksmith. I built my own shop and spent a lot of time in there working on colonial ironwork.

I find that it clears my head. If I weren't making music for a living, I would be working with a timber framer building barns. Fellow New Englander here. What would you say is your favorite spot to visit in New England? It's beautiful, very spiritual place. Many, many heartfelt thanks for all that you've shared with us.

And thanks so much for talking with us!

ray lamontagne and meg white dating

I'm weirdly anxious, as this is my first Reddit contribution. As an enormous fan of great singer-songwriters -- and a mega-super-colossal Ray LaMontagne fan -- I'm, as many others are, always trying to decipher the meaning of a song. In the last few years, I've come to accept that it's okay if I never understand what was in the songwriter's head and heart when the song was written; what matters to me is what the song has come to mean to me.

As the songwriter as opposed to the song listeneris it important to you that listeners understand the "meanings" of your songs? Do you feel misunderstood or not truly "seen" if listeners don't understand or if they misinterpret your music and lyrics?

Can't wait to see you play live for the thousandth time on Thursday night. Ray LaMontagne Yeah, I think you nailed it. Songs mean different things to different people.

I'm still trying to figure out what lyrics of my songs mean. I'm a HUGE fan Actually, I will be out there next week for two dates, and we'll be swinging back through in the fall, definitely. What inspired the story of narrow escape? I saw Townes in Minnesota when I was about 20 yrs old and was just floored by his songs, floored by his performance. As a budding songwriter I was trying to write a song like that. Without copying him or imitating him, but trying to capture that essence of a very cinematic story that leaves enough holes within the narrative to engage the imagination of the listener and allow the listener to fill in the blanks.

I think the best songs are like that. They leave room for your imagination. Ray, long time fan here. It's fairly well known that you're a rather private person. It seems with the release of Supernova your name has been in the lime light more than ever. How do you feel about that? And just one more question Ray LaMontagne I'm glad people are talking about the new record. I'm really proud of it.

As long as it's just my name in the lime light, I don't mind. I'll keep everything else to myself. And yes, I do live on an old farm. Recently,what is your favorite album to listen to? It's an astounding recording. Sonically it is just so rich - the musicianship is insane. It's a beautiful record.

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If you haven't heard it, you should definitely buy it. I regard you as one of the greatest songwriters of this generation and you're an incredible influence on the music I write and listen to. I hope I made it to this AMA in time for a reply I never time these things rightso here's my question: How long had you been playing before that and what was your journey like leading up to your first major record deal?