Readers digest trivia about crush and dating

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readers digest trivia about crush and dating

Listed here are the facts behind the infamous plane crash that ended Lynyrd Skynyrd Was On Tour For Their Fifth Album And It Was Their Biggest To Date. Adam Spencer, comedian, mathematician, and author of The Number Games, wrote this riddle, which was then shared by Reader's Digest. [Lifestyle] - Tinder Select: Elite version of the dating app for celebrities and the wealthy/Fav . [FGO/Trivia] Compilation of sale ranking in - (FGO anyone subscribe to gossip/women's world/readers digest/women's.

Sherman from the mask foud in Finding Nemo? Marlin What was the name of the dentist's receptionist in Finding Nemo? Finding Nemo In Finding Nemo, what name is found on the diver's mask? Clamobiles What word do the seagulls always say in Finding Nemo?

Big Blue World What nickname is given to Nemo during the tank ceremony in the dentist's office? Shark Bait In Finding Nemo, what words do the sea gulls constantly repeat? Mine In Finding Nemo, what breed of fish is the school teacher? A Stingray In Finding Nemo what does the dentist bring into the bathroom with him?

readers digest trivia about crush and dating

Readers Digest What character says the line I shall call him Squishy? Finding Nemo What was the name of the dentist's receptionist in Finding Nemo? What name was he later given after the movie?

Nemo's swimming out to sea! Nemo What are the names of the 2 main turtles in Finding Nemo? Crush and Squirt What Disney character's name in Latin means 'nobody' or 'no one'? Mr Ray What are the names of the 3 sharks in Finding Nemo? Bubbles In Finding Nemo, what kind of fish is Bubbles? Pixar producer Darla K. Hawaii What is the name of the germ fearing fish in Finding Nemo? Gurgle In Finding Nemo, what is the full name of the Dentist? Rock-a-Thon The youth group from a local church in Millersville held a fund-raiser for a local charity group last weekend.

Determine the full name of each participating youth, the number of people who sponsored each youth, and at what time each had briefly fallen asleep and for how long.

She was so excited! Determine the full name of each friend, the title of the movie each brought, and the type of snack each brought. Audio Book Commute During their daily commute to work, five people listen to fiction audio books.

Each one prefers a different genre. Due to the constraints of their cars, they listen to the books in a variety of ways Determine the full name of each commuter, the title and genre of each book, and in what format each listens to their audio book.

Oil Paintings Sally Field loves art.

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Her home is filled with the works of countless artisans, both well-known and relatively obscure. She haunts art shows and even craft shows, always on the lookout for a new piece or portrait for her home Determine the style of each of the four paintings, the height and width of each canvas, and the room in her home where she hung each painting. Miniature Golf Jerry and four friends spent yesterday afternoon playing miniature golf. It was a gorgeous day and the five friends had a great time.

Par for the course was 42 and all of them had decent scores at the end of the course Determine the full name of each friend, what their final score for the course was 38 to 46and at what hole each got their hole-in-one.

Graduation Excellence Five outstanding seniors graduated from the Millersville High School last weekend. Each of the five was in the top twelve students of the Class of and each also won a special academic award in a particular subject Determine the full name of each outstanding senior, their class rank, and the subject of each special academic award they were presented.

Senior Prom Night Senior Prom Night was last night and the event was an enjoyable evening for all who participated.

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The meal was deemed delicious and the disc jockey played an excellent selection of music, keeping the dance floor packed throughout the evening This always-anticipated event has had the student gossip buzzing all week Making Fudge Five girls made fudge after school this week. Each girl made fudge on a different day and each had a little sister who insisted that she must help.

Although each girl made a basic chocolate fudge, they all decided that plain fudge was boring Determine the names of each girl and little sister, the type of nut each added to the fudge, and what day each girl made her fudge. Project Meetings At Gadgets Corporation, there are currently five new projects in development.

Each project has a weekly meeting for the project leads to discuss potential issues and schedule changes Determine each project name, the day of the week and time of day for each meeting, and the month in which the project is currently expected to be released.

Daily Swim Five friends go swimming together at a local health club every weekday morning. They started this routine as a way to get in shape but also discovered that they enjoyed the camaraderie of swimming together Determine the full name of each friend, which day each friend won the competition, which lane each friend swam in on their winning day, how many laps each friend swam on their winning day and how long it took.

A Tie for Dad Dad loves ties, but not just any old tie. Determine the full name of each person who gave Dad a tie, what was on each tie, and the relationship of each person to Dad. Newborn Deliveries - - our 7th anniversary! The maternity ward of the Millersville Hospital had a very busy week. Five babies were delivered, hale and healthy, to their ecstatic parents. The happy couples, all first-time parents, were enchanted with their new sons and daughters Determine the name of each couple, the name of their newborn, and the day of the week and time of each delivery.

Baby Names - - our 7th anniversary! Five couples were soon due to have their first baby. In an eagerness for parenthood, they were involved in a flurry of activities to get ready for their new child. A bedroom was put aside for the new baby, colors picked out and redecoration begun Determine the name of the prospective parents, their two favorite names, and the name used when the child was born. Determine the full name of each person, the city that they traveled to for First Night, their method of transportation, and their home city.

Oddly enough, while the four are close friends, their interest in TV shows is very different Determine the name of each friend, the title of their favorite TV show, and the day of the week and time that the show airs. Jigsaw Puzzles for All Mary had five friends who were avid jigsaw puzzlers. So for Christmas, she got each one a new jigsaw puzzle. The puzzles were all different in size and each one had a different design that she carefully selected to match the interests of each perso Determine the full name of each friend, the design of each jigsaw puzzle, and the number of pieces each puzzle contained.

Changing Orders Four friends met for dinner last night at a favorite local restaurant. They had an enjoyable evening of excellent food and good company. But as it happens, each person ordered an item off the Specials menu Determine the full name of each friend, what each friend ordered off of the specials menu, and what was removed from each dinner plate and what was added. To celebrate the holiday, five neighbors traveled across town to attend different costume parties with friends or family Determine the full name of each neighbor, what costume each wore, if the party each attended was held by a friend or a relative, and the street name of where each party was held.

State Fair This month, the annual state fair runs for 17 days - an event of parades, rides, food, music, animals, and so much more. Combining the best country fair with a carnival, home show, craft show, and more, the event was almost too big to see and experience in just one day.

Alicia and four of her friends did their best to experience it in one day though! They were at the gates when the fair opened at 9am and they didn't leave until the fair ended at 11pm Determine the name of each friend, what animal each got their picture taken with, what each bought for a gift, the home show item each bought, and what kind of food each brought home with them. Weekend Carnival This past weekend the carnival was in town! Greg and four of his friends spent Saturday enjoying the carnival.

They spent the day riding the carnival rides until they were sick and spending their allowance money on the midway games A Pie for Mom Four friends took a cooking class together. For their first project, each decided to bake a pie from scratch for their mother.

readers digest trivia about crush and dating

Determine the full name of each daughter, what kind of pie each made, and what drink was served with each pie. Farmers and exhibitors came from all over the region to show off their prized livestock and produce. The community greeted everyone, exhibitors and fair-goers alike, with friendly hospitality. For three days over the weekend, the Millersville Fairgrounds were alive with a riot of color and noise as people flocked to see The Cookie Challenge traditionally signaled the end of summer for Millersville, but was also greeted with great enthusiasm by the townspeople.

Determine the full name of each cookie challenge winner as well as the winning place and type of cookie of each recipe. Worldscapes Convention The Worldscapes Convention, the premiere gaming, science fiction, and fantasy event of the year, takes place this month! By land, sea, and air, people flock to Indianapolis at this time each year New Job Five neighbors, who happened to also be very good friends, were chatting at the annual neighborhood barbecue on Saturday night and discovered some startling news.

By some strange coincidence, all five of them were starting new jobs Cindy went grocery shopping yesterday and was delighted to find an excellent selection of fruit available. All of it was fresh, and even better all of it was on sale Replacing the Car Don needed to replace his old car, so he figured out his budget and spent a month looking at new cars Determine the make and type of each car on his final list, the price of each car, and the color of each car.

Both teams played very well with first one team, then the other in the lead. While both teams had many hits during the game, there were five that were particularly spectacular Determine the full name of each batter, the defensive position each played, the total number of hits each had for the night, and what type of hit each got that allowed their team to score runs.

Already five teams are showing real promise for having a great season this year. Both fans and analysts are already speculating how well these teams will do. However, a couple of the teams had a bumpy week Determine the name of each team, the number of games each played this week, if they were at their home stadium or traveling all week, the number of games each team won, and the number of games each team lost.

Summer in the Mountains Michael rented his cabin in the mountains to five couples over the course of the summer months. Each couple stayed at least a week; some stayed as long as three weeks Ventriloquist Act A popular ventriloquist comedy act was in town last week.

The show was fantastic and ran for four days during the week. The ventriloquist was very good and he used a variety of unique puppets that truly came alive while he talked with them Determine the nights that the show ran, the name of each featured puppet and what topic each talked about, and the time the show started each night. A steady stream of commuters found their way in, seeking their morning ritual of a hot drink and breakfast Determine the full name of five regular customers, what they ordered for breakfast, and the size and type of the hot drink each ordered.

Backyard Birds Sara and her four best friends all enjoyed both their gardens and the flock of small birds that took up residence with them every year. Each of them kept bird feeders in their back yard, catering to a flurry of gold finches, cardinals, chickadees, and many other feathery species Determine the full name of each friend, the type of birds building the nest, and where each nest was being built.

Determine what subject Sally had in each Period, and the building, floor, and classroom number where each class was held. Determine the full name of each winner, what state each winner lived in, and what each planned to do first with their winnings. Super Bowl Snacks - - our 6th anniversary! Last weekend was the Super Bowl and a game that was particularly anticipated this year by nationwide football fans. Winter Vacation - - our 6th anniversary!