Rita gamer and jingles dating advice

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rita gamer and jingles dating advice

How would you describe your relation ship with RitaGamer? ;). 3. .. Can you give some tips to people how to survive basic training in the Royal Navy? To elaborate To date there have been 2 sponsored reviews where they. The Let You Love Me singer arrived at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London dressed in an outfit which appeared to be sponsored by. RitaGamer (real name Rita Sobral) is a Portuguese Twitch personality, blogger aka The Mighty Jingles, up until ending the relationship in March (though.

The ArmchairGeneral portion of his email interview appears below.

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The rest of his interview with the Mighty Jingles can be read at Ritalingamer. Many thanks to Paul for taking time to participate in this extensive interview. Can you summarize your early life? What brought you to Africa? Where else have you lived? I was born on March 10,in Newcastle upon Tyne in the northeast of England.

This was, of course, at the height of Apartheid, but I was too young to have a clue about any of that. It was just the tobacco farmers burning the stubble off their crop fields. That was pretty much it for the next 22 years.

‘The Mighty Jingles’ – An Interview

You retired from the Royal Navy after 22 years of service. Tell me a little about your service.

rita gamer and jingles dating advice

Why did you enlist? What were your primary jobs? I needed a job. In retrospect I should probably have been very suspicious of the fact that the RN were specifically looking for Radio Operators … what was so bad about that particular job that people were leaving in droves?

Rita Ora’s bizarre red carpet look

Boring, repetitive drudgework with zero scope for personal initiative at junior levels, at all kinds of unsociable hours with next to zero respect or appreciation for the work you do from the rest of the ship because you work inside a classified compartment with limited access so no-one really understood what it was you actually did. That, and the fact that you were technically a part of the Operations Department who were happy to forget it whenever the rest of them were being praised but only too keen to remember when the Ops Department had to provide warm bodies for any particularly shitty job that no-one wanted to do.

Also it was boring as all hell.

rita gamer and jingles dating advice

Join the Navy, they said … see the world, they said. There were also only a few of us onboard any ship so there was a lot more responsibility at junior ranks and I loved it.

No-one outside of the people you worked directly with cared if you were a good Radio Operator or not. It stems from the s when actually being able to read and write well was pretty rare and a need existed for proper recordkeeping in ships at sea.

rita gamer and jingles dating advice

A man of varied interests, The Mighty Jingles decked out for Airsoft. I also had a much better job at Action Stations—First Aider. When people are shooting at you the last place you want to be is 10 feet under the waterline surrounded by lots of things that react VERY violently to being shot at. Did you participate in any major actions during your time in the Navy? The more astute reader may also remember something else that kicked off just after Ramadan in —the First Gulf War.

It was mostly pretty boring for us, even if it was interesting for our Lynx helicopter crew who got to fire lots of Sea Skua missiles at various Iraqi gunboats. There was one occasion when things got particularly interesting for the rest of us, though. One of their targets was our hospital ship. There was just one tiny flaw with this otherwise perfect plan on the day. One of the launchers was broken and the other had a small but significant problem with its guidance system. So that was fun. As a military veteran, do you feel you have a different perspective on military and war themed games than the average civilian gamer?

Probably, yes, but there are military veterans and then there are military veterans.

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Not only the number of devices we use to get online have increasedbut the means in which those devices talk to each other, the internet, has also increased in availability and speed, while reducing in price for the most part.

Now, mobile internet access and broadband internet access have reached a parity in a lot of areas of the country, making dial up pretty much a non entity, thank goodness. My download speed has increased from 56 kbps back in the Packard Bell era of my computing history, to up to! In addition to this speed increase, the cost of that access has fallen.

This has possibly been one of the biggest changes in technology in recent years.

rita gamer and jingles dating advice

But I do know that technology, the internet in particular has played a huge part in my life. I can only see the impact of it growing as I embrace its potential. There are also devices like the Amazon Echothat do away with the screen all together.

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Once the device is configured, which requires the use of a smart phone, either iOS or Android based, the device is accessed entirely via verbal commands.

This enables you to access streaming music services like Amazon Prime Musi c and Spotify. This thing can also make phone calls. Then came the smart phone revolution, triggered in part by the original iPhone. As usual, I was a little slow on the uptake.