Teen mom catelynn and tyler parents dating

Strange things about Catelynn Lowell's relationship

teen mom catelynn and tyler parents dating

Jan 14, If you know anything about Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra, it's that he had a rough home life. Despite being a good dad to daughter Novalee, Tyler's father, Butch This past summer, Tyler and Catelynn went on a romantic getaway kids introduced them, Butch got married to his son's girlfriend's mom. Aug 1, Did you know that Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are They started dating and eventually got married, but their relationship. Out of all the Teen Mom OG stars, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are the only couple to date who are still together. Given the low statistics of teen parents .

She knew she was having a girl, but, as she pointed out to her friends, "I've talked about keeping it, but there's not really a lot of good things about keeping it.

Like, there is, but there isn't. And they continue to stand out as the only original couple from the earliest days of the surprise hit series who are still together to this day. Each only 26 years old, they've still got a long way to go, but they've been through more than most couples their age, from the shocking news of Catelynn's first pregnancy to having to stay strong in the face of their parents' objection to their decision to adopt, to dealing with that guilt trip and the inevitable emotional aftermath of their decision once their daughter was adopted, to Catelynn's battle with depression.

Photos Teen Mom Stars: Then and Now "I want my daughter to have a chance at life," a then year-old Tyler, his still-boyish frame swimming in baggy hip-hop-inspired clothes, told his dad when Butch fiercely objected to the idea of adoption.

teen mom catelynn and tyler parents dating

I don't think our lives are very stable to raise a child. It would depend on the agreement with the other family, of course. It was touching to see Tyler and Catelynn, just kids themselves, project their hopes on the people who would end up raising their baby. Tyler wanted the guy to have a college degree. Catelynn preferred a stay-at-home mom. Before Catelynn was induced, Tyler wrote a letter to their child, explaining their decision and ensuring her that her birth father would always love her.

teen mom catelynn and tyler parents dating

I don't want you to ever, ever think I didn't want you. MTV Brandon and Teresa were that probably fairly unusually couple who agreed to give Catelynn regular updates on Carly.

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But the initial understanding between the families has caused its fair share of drama over the years. All of which transpired on camera, of course. And when she told Tyler over the phone, he offered a sweeping assessment of the situation.

In Cate told E! News that their relationship with Brandon and Teresa remained strong, they were still visiting Carly once a year and she got to text with her and see picture all the time.

A post shared by Catelynn Lowell catelynnmtv on Feb 25, at 5: Tyler was always there for her, and continues to be there for her, though obviously their relationship would never qualify as having been easy—for a number of reasons, their tender ages being only one. And the adoption continues to haunt them in the form of their parents, with April picking a fight with her daughter even when they were shopping for prom dresses.

The couple graduated from high school in and Catelynn enrolled at Baker College to major in social work. They sometimes brought their issues to Twitter, engaging in heated exchanges that left fans wondering what their relationship status was. By Thanksgiving of that year he was back home with Catelynn and their two dogs.

We apologize and move on. But inCatelynn became pregnant again. This time, the couple knew they were going to become full-time parents. Just weeks before they welcomed daughter NovaLee in JanuaryTyler surprised his fiancee with a sparkly new engagement ring. Things got even more complicated when Baltierra refused to accept Teresa and Brandon's argument that his photos put Carly's privacy at risk. We find it sad and rather odd that Baltierra would put Lowell in such a stressful position.

Yep, we don't even know where to start with this awkward info. Unfortunately, April and Butch's relationship was anything but smooth. In NovemberApril filed for divorce from Butch while he was in prison. The good news for Tyler and Caitelynn is that this breakup means they are no longer step-siblings.

Talk about a major relief. Look no further than her odd antics on social media. A few weeks after the random name change, Lowell took to Instagram to post a sarcastic message to fans.

Is Tyler Baltierra’s Dad Married to Catelynn Lowell’s Mom on Teen Mom?

Catelynn is Tyler's chauffeur YouTube Many couples at least occasionally take turns when it comes to driving duties, but that's doesn't seem to be the case in Lowell and Baltierra's relationship. A few eagle-eyed fans noticed the weird fact that Lowell frequently drives Baltierra around town.

It seems he's never in the driver's seat. So, what's going on here?

  • Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell marries Tyler Baltierra after 10 years of dating
  • Strange things about Catelynn Lowell's relationship

Is Baltierra afraid of driving? Did he have his license revoked? Does she enjoy being her husband's chauffeur? The answer apparently boils down to traffic. Lowell eventually solved the mystery with a tweet: Of course, the couples who do this typically keep their NSFW messages private.

Catelynn Lowell has no problem sharing sexy shots of her husband with her millions of followers. In Marchshe posted a pic of Tyler Baltierra in a towel to Twitter.

teen mom catelynn and tyler parents dating

Following her bold homage to her man, many folks took to the post's comments section to express their discomfort with the situation. You're obviously looking for attention from others," one person penned. Baltierra clearly doesn't mind the attention.

teen mom catelynn and tyler parents dating

Unfortunately for Catelynn Lowell, her man has no qualms about downplaying rumors of marital discord with jokes. When a fan on Twitter wondered how many times Tyler Baltierra cheated on Lowell, he responded with a seemingly sarcastic tweet via InTouch Weekly.