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tv tropes amicably divorced and dating

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder · Amicable Exes: Two people who Disneyland Dad: A divorced parent who showers his/her children with lavish gifts and. Tropes. Accidental Marriage: An innocent action results in a character being married. Amicable Exes: Former spouses who have remained friends with each other. And Now Fourth Date Marriage: Two people marry shortly after meeting. The Dating Do Si Do is the tendency for a long running piece of fiction to recycle characters. In shows dealing with relationships especially, the tendency is that.

This even extends to Grant and Satler in the same movie; she's married another man and started a family, but she's still in regular contact with Grant and even saves his life during the climax. Heck, their actors even still have visible chemistry on screen! They're not yet divorced but live separately since William found out Hester had been cheating on him with Freddie.

While initially very mad at her and refusing to give her a divorce, the film shows he's mellowed out completely in a few months and visits Hester to make sure she's happy. On her part Hester never blames him for their unhappy marriage, though she refuses to continue it, and is grateful for his concern. In Doctor Strange Stephen and Christine work together and used to be lovers prior to the start of the film, leading Christine to now follow "The Strange Rule" and not date colleagues, but the two still clearly have feelings for each other and she attempts to help him through his depression after a car accident leaves him unable to use his hands to perform surgery, at least until he pushes her away in an angry outburst and goes off to Nepal searching for a cure.

Once they're reunited she gives him a kiss on the lips when he says he has to leave for good and both are clearly torn by his having to go, but the damage has been done already and they don't end up back together. For most of Ant-Man Scott Lang and his ex-wife Maggie aren't this despite Scott's best efforts, with Maggie not even being too keen about Scott seeing their daughter Cassie until he gets his life back together after getting out of jail.

But after he saves Cassie's life at the climax of the film she's warmed up to him again completely although not romantically; she's happy with her new partner Jim Paxton, although he and Scott are also cool with each other and in Ant-Man and the Wasp she's fully supportive of him, furiously taking his side against what she sees as his unfair harassment by the FBI enforcing his home arrest situation, even after the trouble he got into in Civil War.

Literature Variations in Animorphs: Rachel's parents, Dan and Naomi, are uncomfortable spending time together, but they'll do it. On the other hand, she's friendly enough with Jake's parents her ex-husband's brother and his wife that she'll dog-sit for them when Jake's mom's grandfather passes away, while she and Jake still refer to each other as "aunt" and "nephew.

Watson Brewer Kristy's step-father and his first wife in The Baby-Sitters Clubwhere Watson steps in with insurance help and making sure Lisa can manage with crutches when she sprains her ankle. Less so in the Little Sister spin-off.

Parker's Sunny Randall and her ex-husband Richie still spend quite a bit of time together, to the detriment of their other relationships. They don't have any children, but their miniature bull terrier Rosie is shared between them, with much Lampshading about how they want the best for their "kid.

Parker himself was Happily Married for over 50 years to his wife Joan. It's no surprise, then, when Sunny and Jesse end up hooking up in a Crossover between their series. In The Pale KingChris Fogle's parents try to give this impression, but both of them are deeply affected by it.

One Day has Dex and Sylvie amicably sharing custody of their daughter and still caring about each other. As soon as possible, they get divorced, and their relationship goes back to the way it always was.

tv tropes amicably divorced and dating

Charlie and Renee in Twilight. An Ed McBain novel began with the protagonist in bed with his ex-wife. The get married to avoid immigration on the promise to divorce as soon as possible, only to find out that this is only allowed with cause which means in Barryaran law, roughly the same as would be familiar on Earth plus "concealed mutation". And "unfortunately" they had both got along too well together for that to be plausible. David Lurie and his second ex-wife Rosalind from Disgracewho are still friends and meet up with each other regularly.

Rupert and Zinka in Deep Secret were once a couple. Exactly how serious their relationship was isn't clear, but Rupert still finds her very attractive. They broke up largely due to the sheer strain of being Magidsand remain very good friends.

Nathan and Cynthia, in The Memory Warsdated briefly in college. They're still close enough to go investigating murder scenes together. In The Godfather Johnny Fontaine starts to reconcile with his first wife, at the Don's suggestion, after he gets sick of his second wife screwing around. Though they agree to just remain friends and be involved in raising their kids.

They interact closely late in the series and seem to have a very friendly relationship. Rose suspects that they are getting back together. In Robert Heinlein's Time Enough for Love Lazarus Long states that he ended up parting on good terms with most of the wives he's had over his two thousand year lifespan.

Though one or two tried to kill him. The discussions other long-lived Howards have about their marriages suggest that it's a common phenomenon with them. Calliope and Josh in Hidden Things are extreme examples of this trope. Despite having a pretty messy break-up, and an even messier break-up of their band, they remained close enough that Calliope joined Josh's new detective agency even though it's implied she dislikes it.

She even refers to Josh as her best friend. Their relationship is so amicable that virtually every other character at one point or another suggests that they never broke up at all. In Fifty Shades of GreyChristian is good friends with his ex-domme. Subverted in that she started a relationship with him at age fifteenit's implied that his methods of domming come from her, and he sees nothing wrong with what she did.

There is also the fact that his former submissives are not good friends with him. In Apparatus InfernumMikani and Saskia are not on completely relaxed terms, and have a few leftover complaints against each other such as Saskia not letting go of the fact that Mikani once tried to arrest her.

However, it's more exasperation than bitterness, and when they have to work togetherthey do reasonably well. This is noted to be unusual for Mikani, whose numerous ex-girlfriends seldom end up on speaking terms with him. Decidedly defied in Shaman Blues. Despite years having passed since Konstancja and Witkacy had their falling-out, he's still angry at her, and she still doesn't feel comfortable coming to him for help.

He even points out that she shouldn't expect this trope to occur, seeing how she pretty much abandoned him. They haven't split up because of the usual reasons, but because of different opinions on how the problems of the main plot ought to be solved.

So when they do fight, they are not bitter about the end of the relationship but angry because the other person foils their plans. In After Her by Joyce Maynard, Rachel and Patti's mother and father divorced when the two were young children, but their father continued to play an active role in their lives.

In this case the split was because their parents married young and eventually realized that they simply didn't work as a couple and the stress from his job as a police detective pushed them apart. He admits that he makes a better friend to their mother and confides in her when his investigation of a Serial Killer puts extreme pressure on him, and it's indicated that their mother knew about him having another child with another woman after the divorce but agreed not to tell Rachel and Patti because it would upset them.

In the Amber Brown books, for the most part, throughout the series, Amber Brown's parents are not this. However, by the end of Amber Brown is Horsing Around, they seem to be moving towards it, if only because they've both come to realize their childish bickering and bad-mouthing each other hasn't been good for Amber.

In The Traitor Son Cycleit's implied rather heavily that before the Red Knight started his mercenary company, him and Sauce were lovers. They've broken up since, but are still good friends, with her serving as his Number Two in the company.

In Warrior CatsBrambleclaw and Squirrelflight eventually get back to being on friendly terms after their breakup: A while later they realize how dumb they're being and that they still love each other, and get back together. In A World Less Visible getting a divorce seems to have greatly improved Ted's relationship with his ex. She enthusiastically approves of his new boyfriend. Live Action TV While they still trade plenty of barbs, Frasier Crane and Lilith Sternin of Cheers and Frasier are on amicable enough terms to have Thanksgiving together without killing each other or anyone else, and when Lilith wants another baby and needs a sperm donor, she comes to Frasier first.

In one episode of Frasier both Frasier and Lilith are unknowingly set up on a blind date together. They both end up telling each other that they both have a date. They both end up canceling them to spend the evening with each other watching a movie, both unaware that they were set up together.

Their friends who set them up were unaware of their past relationship. This relationship was also subjected to a bit of Early Installment Weirdness when Martin comments that Lilith was worse than Niles's then-wife Maris. It would later become evident that Maris was two inches away from Domestic Abuseand didn't deserve, much less attainthis trope when she and Niles split up.

In early episodes, Lilith's presence was interpreted as being downright demonic as a play on her name. Also, Frasier and Lilith had just freshly divorced when the show started on account of her cheating on him after a really subtle relationship decaywhile Maris's foibles didn't lead to her and Niles separating until 3 or 4 seasons later; the divorce didn't even come until he discovered she was sleeping with their marriage counselor.

After that, she was considered just as screwy as Lilith, if not more so. This could also come from the fact that while Maris obviously has significant psychological problems anorexia, surgical addiction, severe phobias, and hypochondria are some of the more easily diagnosed that she can't help, Lilith is intentionally cruel and cold, to the point that she laughed as Maris read her flowery vows during her and Niles's wedding.

Even after some point, Niles and Maris begin to fit this trope, when after the divorce and his marriage to Daphne, Maris comes to him for assistance regarding an abusive boyfriend. Tyrion with Sansa, asking after her wellbeing in Season 7 when Jon visits Dragonstone. Of course, neither of them had wanted to marry the other in the first place.

Mon-El and Kara Danvers were forcibly separated when she had to send him into space to save his life. When they meet again, Mon-El has spent seven years in the future and moved on. He still wants to be Kara's friend and Kara tries, but she just can't. That's you looking at me with no love in your eyes. It helped that they both hadn't seen each other for eighteen years. They even kissed when Phyllis came over to visit Alex for Christmas.

Lampshaded by Louie's ex-girlfriend Zena, who wanted to invite Lou to her wedding. Though Louie was too depressed to go, he decided to set things right by crashing into Zena's honeymoon cruise. Jules and Bobby on Cougar Town get on extremely well, hang out together all the time.

It seems that they both think they work better divorced. Jerry and Elaine were, before the series starts, in a long-term relationship. They get back together after a round of casual sex in one episode of the series, but quickly go back to being strictly friends. In one episode George dates a woman who still lives with her ex. The New Adventures of Old Christine.

tv tropes amicably divorced and dating

Old Christine and her ex-husband, Richard, are the epitome of the Amicably Divorced, tossing deprecatory puns back and forth between them while helping each other sort through their problems. In fact, they both count as being among each other's best friends. This caused New Christine to call off her and Richard's wedding, as she was upset that the two were spending so much time together, even at the wedding.

Don Eppes and Liz Warner. Things are awkward for them for a couple of episodes after they break up, and then everything's fine. Liz even offers advice to Robin when she's having a fight with Don.

How I Met Your Mother: Ted and Robin break up very amicably with no heartbreak or fighting whatsoever after realizing that they wanted completely different lives and didn't want to force each other to compromiseand not only remain very close friends throughout the series, but it is revealed that they will always remain close friends, as Robin is known as "Aunt Robin" to Ted's future children and apparently interacts with them a great deal.

They are even platonic roommates in seasonsand Ted has promised to be Robin's best man should she ever get married. This is eventually subverted when they realize that they are too amicable with each other and thus cannot maintain new romantic relationships. In the back of their minds they have the faint false hope that they will get back together and thus they cannot fully commit to new relationships. By official series end, it's revealed that Ted's been carrying a torch for Robin for years and he's been telling the story in hopes that the kids would support him into asking her for another date after The Mother passed away.

Even as early as the first "Slapsgiving" episode, several months after the breakup, it was revealed they'd been more or less faking being Amicable Exes and considered no longer being able to remain friends. It turned out they really just needed to acknowledge that things had changed and it wasn't all good before being able to move forward.

At one point, Ted's father introduces a suitor to Ted's mother nine months after their divorce. The main character on the TV series Dream On got along very well with his ex-wife. After their divorce at the beginning of seventh season, Bree and Orson Hodge are in better terms with each other. Lynette's mother and her favorite stepfather only divorced when the husband came out as gay and he even agrees to be her caretaker when they're both elderly.

Dr Cox and Jordan coped far better divorced than they ever did together. They still constantly snipe at each other, but it's just the way they are. In fact, when they find out that their divorce was never made official due to a clerical error, they actually get divorced again to save their relationship. The divorce is even performed in front of their friends and family as a big romantic ceremony. Of course, this is a slightly different example than normal because despite being divorced they have returned to a romantic relationship.

They live together, have sex with each other, fight and interact as a normal married couple would. JD and Elliot try to be this, since their attempts at a relationship always failed horribly. Season 4 establishes that they no longer have romantic or sexual feelings for one another. In season 5's "My Day at the Races", they realized that their friendship was superficial and they weren't as close as they had been before their last breakup, but this is fixed by the end of the season and they stay that way until season 8, when they start having romantic feelings again.

Elena and Matt on The Vampire Diaries. They are still friends who look out for each other after they broke up. Toby Ziegler and Andrea Wyatt on The West Wingwho were so, uh, "amicable" he wound up impregnating her while they were divorced, of course, this may have been a left over of part of the couple's previous fertility treatments while they were married.

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It's possible that Andy was impregnated by previously fertilized and stored ova, the actual means of how Andy got pregnant are not discussed or revealed, so it's unknown exactly what happened, but either way they'd have to be pretty amicable to even agree to it in the first place. Remarkably so considering Chrissie left Alan for her Judo instructor.

Lowell of Wings divorced his wife Bunny after a long separation, only to have the split end up completely reinvigorating their sex life. They would end up having to work at staying apart. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Except for a flashback to when their marriage was on the rocks, Buffy's divorced parents seem to get along fine, and afterwards Joyce recalls their relationship with fondness. The two are extremely cordial in Hank's few appearances in the show.

It's only really after Joyce's death that his status as a deadbeat is fully implemented. Richard Castle gets along with both of his ex-wives. He likes Alexis' mother, but it was just that being married didn't work for either of them.

And his second wife continues being his publisher and publicity agent even after their divorce. Their relationship was a complicated one from the beginning, where Joy got him drunk enough to get a Vegas marriage when she was 6 months pregnant.

Then she cheated on him with Darnell and Earl ended up raising two kids that weren't his. She divorced him when he was laid up in traction from getting hit by a car and eventually married Darnell. Despite all of this, and a very rocky start of their post-marriage life due to Earl's lotto money, they became pretty close friends and have a small celebration on their anniversary.

Earl often spends time with the family and Joy's kids even refer to him as "Old Daddy. In MarlonAshly and Marlon are divorced after sixteen years of marriage and they try to remain friends only for the sake of their two kids. However it is easier said than done, due to their different personalities, Marlon's wild, reckless behavior tends to clash with Ashly's need of order and peace, not to mention the occasional jealousy when the other starts dating, different parenting styles and the fear of potentially falling for one another again, all of which could ruin their goal of having a "cool divorce".

A lot of the episodes try to focus on them trying to make this "friendship" workout and to have them not go back to the same dysfunctional cycle that ended their marriage in the first place. On Babylon 5 John Sheridan and ex-wife Elizabeth Lochley not only get along but have an implicit trust in each other than makes them an ideal command team. According to Elizabeth they both realize that the marriage was a horrible mistake due to their aggressive command personalities.

The divorce saved their friendship. Cal Lightman from Lie to Me gets along very very very well with his ex-wife. On Happy Endings Dave and Alex try to play out this trope even though they were never actually married Alex left Dave at the altar. They have many friends in common and value those friendships too much to make those friends choose sides.

They do fight sometimes, especially at first, but eventually play this straight, even after they get back together and break up again. Penny was Max's Last Het Romancethough now they're very good friends. They broke up when George cheated on her, got back together, then broke up again. Yet they're still friends, frequently chat, and have no issue with the shared custody of their three children. George and his first wife Kathleen are also on good terms, both agreeing that they were simply too young and immature when they got married.

Eureka has two cases: Carter's Ex actually shows up and establishes that the breakup was because Carter would always rush off to work, and when she realizes how much a part of the town both he and daughter Zoey are, she's even willing to step aside and let Zoey remain, even though the agreement was for her to return with Abby at the end of the school year.

Allison and Nathan Stark divorce over the course of the initial season, but still work together and eventually commit to remarryuntil Nathan 'dies' while ending a time loop. They broke up because of his jobbut still see each other frequently as friends. In Men of a Certain AgeJoe and his ex-wife divorced before the events of the first season. As of the second season, they appear to be getting romantically involved with each other again, or at least exploring the possibility.

At the very least, they are friendly and have shown up to their kids' school events together.

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Ross and Carol still get on very well; if Carol wasn't a lesbian, they'd probably still be together. This may explain why Carol's partner Susan doesn't seem to like Ross much though her opinion of him jumps up considerably after he shows just how amicable he is by convincing Carol to go ahead with the marriage despite family issues. And of course, Ross and Rachel. They were hostile towards each other for a few episodes after their breakup, at their worst in The One Without The Ski Trip, but then went back to being friends.

Nate and Maggie of Leverageso much so that she's the only person he talks to outside team.

tv tropes amicably divorced and dating

Viva Variety is hosted by Mr. Laupin and the Former Mrs. They even do a romantic musical number together called "My Divorce. David Rossi gets along with at least one of his ex-wives, and it's implied their relationship fell apart over the trauma of losing a baby.

They still trust each other enough so that when she's diagnosed with ALS, she asks him to assist in her suicide. Hayley and Hotch go through a painful period after their divorce, but after some time has passed, it becomes clear that they still care very much for one another.

Unfortunately, before things can get as far as "amicable," Hayley is murdered. Colonel Sheppard and his ex-wife Nancy seem to get along well enough to understand how much strain their respective jobs had put on their relationship, and she's able to use her position at Homeland Security to pass along some information to him when he's back on Earth to track down a Replicator.

This makes them realize that they can't even remember what they started fighting about in the first place, and they're back together by the end of the fic.

Pieter and Kyoko were headed this way in Nobody Dies before the reboot kicked in. Film In both versions of The Parent Trapthe twins actively invoke this.

Popper's Penguins the titular animal-owner seems to be rekindling his relationship with his ex-wife and the mother of his children as a result of the animals' humanizing influence.

What a Girl Wants plays this with Libby and Henry. Apparently nearly twenty years of estrangement can be fixed with one magical evening at the ball. Justified in that the split was due to a lie of Henry's Evil Mentor rather than any actual problems between the two, and once said mentor is out of the picture they can try again without his interference. In Liar LiarFletcher and Audrey get back together in the final scene. They of course ask their son if he made another birthday wish to cause it.

In this example, Fletcher at least underwent a massive personality change. Troop Beverly Hills ends with Fred seeing Phyllis's dedication to the scout troop, and realized she was not so "flighty" after all. Intentionally subverted with Mrs. The executives wanted a happy ending, but the writers felt it would be a disservice to real children with divorced parents and pulled a Writer Revolt. The film even ends with a voiceover stating that sometimes divorced parents get back together Taken to extremes in The Marrying Man where a guy marries the same woman four times.

In Outbreak Daniels and Robby start the film divorced but end it reconciled. In Independence DayDavid realizes the aliens are planning to attack. David's ex-wife Constance happens to be the president's aide. By the end of the film, David is a hero who's helped saved the world, and he and Connie are on the road to reconciliation. In ArmageddonCharles "Chick" Chapple Will Patton is legally barred from being around his ex-wife and son whom he hasn't seen in a really long time.

After learning of his part-taking in saving the world, she seems to forgive his former grievances and give their relationship another try upon his returning home. The hero of and his wife also reconcile, due to her Love Interest failing to survive just as they finally make it to safety.

Basically any Roland Emmerich Film In Definitely, Maybethis is played with in that Maya believes in this trope, but it's eventually averted and she accepts that her father played by Ryan Reynolds and her mother won't get back together. She's the Man has Viola's parents getting back together after the final soccer game, despite spending years apart. The ending of Crazy Stupid Love implies that Cal and Emily may get back together, or at least stay good friends.

Played with in The Other Woman. Emilia's parents wind up together again. She and Jack might. Much to William's dismay, this doesn't happen with his birth parents when Jack and Emilia split. Robert and and his wife divorced before the movie and show no signs of hooking back up again. This is one of the reasons he worries so much about his daughter having fairy tale-esque expectations from the world and getting disappointed.

Later in the movie though, Gisselle runs into a couple in the middle of a divorce who hired Robert. Giselle compliments the wife's beautiful eyes, which gets the couple to remember what they loved about each other to begin with, prompting them to call off the divorce and causing Robert to realize that fairy tale things can sometimes happen in real life.

In National Treasure 2: Book of Secretsapparently all Ben's parents needed after thirty-two years of divorce and hating each other was one last treasure hunt adventure to reignite their spark. Midnight plays with this in true screwball form. Due to an elaborate lie, Eve pretends to be married to Tibor, but eventually needs a divorce. She gets her divorce for about 10 minutes until the judge finds out Tibor is insane he's only pretending to be crazyand a wife can't divorce a crazy husband.

In Three Smart Girls the titular daughters are not given a moment's pause by the thought that their father and mother have been divorced for ten years. When they hear that the father is getting remarried, they immediately spring into action to break up dad's new romance and get their parents back together. Literature In Doctor Sally by P.

WodehouseLord "Squiffy" Tidmouth and his first wife Lottie get back together after each has married one or more other people in between. Judy Blume often subverts this in her novels. They are known for being painfully realistic, not to mention highly controversial.

Averted in Dear Mr. Even though Leigh desperately wants his parents to get back together, and there are still feelings on both sides of the spectrum, his mom refuses, because she knows it will only end the same way — that is, badly. In ''Murder With Peacocks'' Meg's mom and dad had " the world's most amiable divorce " and, after an aborted remarriage on her mom's part, her parents decided not to waste the wedding and retie the knot then and there.

In Tana French's Faithful Place, Detective Frank Mackey's daughter Holly has yet to give up on the notion of her parents getting back together, despite the fact that Frank's ex-wife Olivia is seeing other people. The book ends with them deciding to give it another go, though it's open-ended in that neither of them knows whether it will work. By The Secret Place, a later book in the series which features Holly again, they're doing well, but don't seem to have any intention of remarrying.

Separated But Not Divorced: Should You Date Him?

Live Action TV Arrow: John Diggle and Lyla Michaels were married until their relationship fell apart, since they couldn't adapt to a civilian life. They remarry in Season 3. One of the premises of the Neil Simon comedy was that both male leads — Felix Unger and Oscar Madison — were divorced. They separated, got back together, divorced, then remarried. Subverted, however, with Hanna's divorced parents, who temporarily reunited before ending their relationship for good.

Subverted on The Wire. Throughout seasons 1 and 2 Jimmy McNulty tries to reconcile with his wife while they're going through the divorce process and get them back together, and in one episode they do have a passionate one night stand. He makes the mistake of thinking they're back together but she insists that it was just a one time thing and they can never get back together because all the things that drove them apart, especially McNulty's binge drinking, womanizing, and being Married to the Job haven't changed, and neither has the way he destroyed her trust by doing those things.

They remain apart for the remainder of the series. Entourage had a last season arc involving Ari and Mrs. Ari being separated, and eventually her asking for a divorce. Eventually Ari realizes that shock, it's not Ari himself that she wants the divorce from, but the fact he has become an absentee father and husband because of his career.

When he finally figures it out, he ditches work and she takes him back. They're still good friends at the end of the series. In 24Tony and Michelle are divorced between Seasons 3 and 4 due to Tony's becoming an alcoholic after being sent to prison and losing his job over betraying CTU to save Michelle.

After the events of Season 4, they're back together. Played with in Frasier. Niles and Maris break up and get back together at least twice with Aww, Look!

It's acknowledged that Niles went back to Maris because of insecurity and self-delusion, and that they should have stayed broken up. When they divorce, they again threaten to backslide several times, but in the end it's for keeps. Frasier and Lilith tend to play with this idea throughout the show, but nothing ever comes of it.

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The Sopranos pulls this without even getting to the divorce. Season 4 ends with a violent confrontation between Tony and Carmella and she insists that they separate. A season later he's Out-Gambitted her in the divorce proceedings because he's talked to most of the major divorce attorneys in town and the others won't take Carmella's case because of Tony's reputation. Later on he wins her back and they stay together for the rest of the series. The Doctor Who episode "Asylum Of the Daleks" begins with Amy and Rory signing divorce papers but getting kidnapped by Daleks before they could file them.