Bus stand for mysore in bangalore dating

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bus stand for mysore in bangalore dating

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Trains blocked, schools cancelled and I got an official leave right in middle of the bridge, while waiting for at least one of the train to arrive.

bus stand for mysore in bangalore dating

I was with my big haversack packed to the brim with sleeping bag and stuff ready with all required answers to the queries posed by colleagues.

Instead, I headed back home, turned out to be blessing in disguise. Poo, who was supposed to visit the Goregaon branch of her office, left her sack at my home. We hoped that the rain would subside and we would leave for airport without any untoward event in the evening.

Flight was scheduled at 9. We had a friend at Bangalore, at whose place we had planned to rest till morning before embarking on journey.

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We reached Bangalore around He had one more friend visiting him, we all got in to Bus that leaves the airport and transports to the Main city. Charges for same was Rs. Got up at dawn by 5. We managed to get a bus to Majestic Rs. Instead, we were informed that buses leave from Satellite Bus Stand for Mysore. Again, we boarded another bus that would drop us to Satellite Rs. We purchased some tidbits to eat and got on Mysore Bus Rs. We informed the conductor that we intend to alight at Srirangapatnam, which was almost 30 minutes prior to Mysore.

Being only two of us, we hired an Auto for sightseeing. They have the pamphlets ready with packages mentioned. We decided to visit only main places out of all those.

The mosque has beautiful minarets that touches the sky, these minarets stand on a high platform and has an open court in the front and a covered verandah. We halted for few seconds at the spot, where memorial had been erected.

Further ahead, we went to visit the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple We went around the temple, it was quite big. After, spending around half an hour, we proceeded further to Gumbaz which was on other side of the main road along with other remaining places.

The Gumbaz is a large Mausoleum in the middle of a garden. Tipu Dultan built the Gumbaz an an apt tribute to his father. Gumbaz The architecture is splendidly noteworthy.

Sharply cut pitch black granite pillars around the open verandah supports the rectangular structure.

Kempegowda Bus Station

The walls are painted in tiger stripes that are associated with Tipu Sultan as informed by the local, who wanted to guide us around. Dome in itself is spectacular to watch. Black Granite Pillars In the garden, there were many tombs scattered around. We left for Mysore by afternoon. Caught the bus from bus stand and in next 15 minutes, we were at Mysore Bus stand.

Thankfully, there was a cloak room at Bus stand, we preferred to keep our baggage there Rs. After Lunch, we decided to check out the amount charged by the autos for a round trip of Mysore.

As guessed, they started quoting exorbitant amount of Rs. Chamundeshwari Temple Initially the auto drivers at bus stop dissuaded us from taking auto, while insisting on cab, reasoning that autos are not allowed to travel till top.

We being adamant on hiring an auto went farther from Bus station and halted an auto, after much bargaining, he agreed to take us around for Rs. First stop was Chamundi Hills, which was on elevation of mts above sea level.

Statue of Mahishasura According to mythology this was the domain of the demon called Mahishasura the Buffalo Demon. The place was thus known as Mahishapura or Mahishuru, the land of Mahishasura.

Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station

And that later morphed into Mysore in English and Mysooru in Kannada, the local language. A boon made Mahishasura so powerful that no man can kill him. Unable to stand his atrocities, people prayed to the goddess to save them from Mahishasura. Goddess Shakti, the personification of cosmic energy in the feminine form, took the avatar form of the fierce goddess Chamundeshwari.

She kills the demon and saves the people. Because of this act the goddess is called Mahishasuramardhini, the slayer of demon Mahisha. The hilltop is the place where her shrine is located. The mythology continues… According to some beliefs the Chamundi Hills is in fact in the shape of the fallen demon! One can view the whole of mysore city from different spot while going up.

As soon as we reached the top, we were greeted by brightly painted statue of Mahishasura. We thought of posing with it later. First the Temple, being weekend it was crowded, which made us race. There are different types of queue for Chamundeshwari Temple depending on availability of time and money. Mysore city view Longer one without ticketshorter one and VIP. We preferred the middle one, by buying the ticket of Rs.

After wading through crowd, finally got the darshan and were out in next half hour. Further down is the large statue of Nandi Bullthe mount of Lord Shiva.

As soon as we were about to leave, it rained heavily, we took shelter in one of the shops selling all kind of Chinese items. Poo managed to get miniature version of wooden camel that she was searching. We photographed ourselves with the statue of Mahisasura and hopped back into the auto and stopped at a spot to capture the whole city in our camera.

One can either trek the whole way up and down or can travel by local transport. Mysore Palace Mysore palace is located within the city, built in 14th century by the then Wodeyar kings. It is one of the most beautiful architectural wonder we had ever seen.

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We were enamored by its beauty throughout right from the domes to the paintings to the mural on the walls. There was entrance fee of Rs. There were imposing statues of Panther looked like panther to me, and so real throughout the ground.

This is what you see now as the Mysore Palace. It took about 5 years to build and combines a range of architectural styles. This concept is popularly known as Indo-Saracenic style. One can see a pleasant blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles of architectural elements. The palace is basically a three storied structure with a 44 meter feet central tower.

Pinkish marble domes adorn the number of towers configured in perfect symmetry. First lap of tour is the Doll Pavillion where antiques made of gold, silver, marble, ivory from around the world were on display. The central portion of the palace is a huge court. The royal Marriage Hall Kalyana Mantapa was the one which was jaw-dropping. The walls were adorned with oil paintings, so intricately detailed, of ceremonies and festivals, that used to take place in those era.

We shopped for some sandalwood items from the shops located in its vicinity and proceeded further to St. It looked so different like a castle from Victorian era and towered right into the sky.

bus stand for mysore in bangalore dating

This is one of the largest churches in South India. Saint Philomena's Church Saint Philomena venerated as a virgin martyr saint of the Catholic Church in the 19th century is said to have been a young Greek princess martyred in the 4th century.

The architectural style is popularly called neo-Gothic or Victorian Gothic style, that was popular in Europe during the time. Typically this style spot slimmer and unusually taller features with needle like spires.

The construction was completed ineight years after the foundation stone was laid. We decided to wind up the day after a rendezvous with these major monuments and head to Madikeri.

We released our haversack from the cloak room and had some snacks before boarding the bus to Madikeri. After an hour to the Journey, bus got punctured and vacated the whole bus in one of the bus depot.

It was almost We waited for some time to get another bus. Narasipur" by Prof M. Seshadri, Director of Archeology of Mysore published in provides a detailed insight into the ancient pre-historic civilizational bearings of T. Narasipura town and its surroundings. Access[ edit ] Tirumakudalu Narasipura town is the headquarters of the Tirumakudalu Narasipura taluk of the same name with a Census population ofwithin Mysore District.

It is reachable by buses very easily, every 5 mins private buses departures from Mysuru RMC bus stand, hourly bus from Bengaluru Kalasipalya bus stand. Nearest airport is Mysore Airport. Temples[ edit ] It is a place of religious prominence. The Gunja Narasimha Swamy temple on the right bank of the Kaveri river, is a massive complex belonging to the Vijayanagara period.

The image of Narasimha in the sanctum sanctorum has a weighing balance with a twig with seed of the Gunja botanical name-Abrus precatorius tree and hence is called Gunja Narasimha Swamy.

bus stand for mysore in bangalore dating

It signifies the importance of the temple vis-a-vis the Kasi pilgrimage center by a measure of the seedgulaganji. The temple, which is more than years old, was in need of repair and restoration. The Mahakumbhaabhishekam or re-consecration rites of the renovated temple was performed by the donor and his family members from 5 to 9 March Agastya founded and sanctified the Agasthyeshwara temple.

bus stand for mysore in bangalore dating

This temple complex contains many monuments belonging to the GangaCholaHoysala and Vijayanagara periods at Thirumakudlu, and also at the Bhiksheswara temple, the Moolasthaneshwara temple and the Anandeswara temple in the surrounding area.