The big lebowski quotes rules for dating

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Watching The Big Lebowski - Dudeism

the big lebowski quotes rules for dating

See more ideas about Big lebowski quotes, The big lebowski and Crossword. There are Rules. -- Big To the guy that inappropriately called my girlfriend ' smokin hot' in a cat-call at a bar, Super Funny Awesome Memes AdviceAnimals. THE BIG LEBOWSKI We are floating up a steep scrubby slope. We hear male voices He is feeling quarts of milk for coldness and examining their expiration dates. .. AM I THE ONLY ONE HERE WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE RULES ?. All The 'The Big Lebowski' Quotes That Really Tie The Room Together . Everyday use: When people ignore the rules. “What's a pederast.

United Kingdom Watching The Big Lebowski helped signify and expand my overall recognition that every action is interlocked with another, no matter how in significant either of them is. Through each action there may be a consequence that affects one or more people hugely possibly to life changing levels though in a realistic, world encompassing view, these consequences and subsequent events are largely irrelevant and to the point; not to get stressed about.

Like an urban Thoreau, he invites us to simplify our lives, cut loose the extraneous bullshit, and abide. It cleared my head of all that nonsense, man, it allowed me to do the things I have since done on my own terms; becoming a first time parent at 39 years old inwearing bathrobes to take my kid to school and to the market, and while riding my beach-cruiser through the neighborhood White Russian in one hand, and ringing the bike-bell with the other.

United States Working in the high-paced journalism industry, stress is easy to come by. But The Dude taught me not to take everything so heavily and allow things to happen. Sometimes things are good, sometimes not so much. United States To be in the moment and not mess with the Dude.

Greece I learned what I! Canada Be like the dude; break the monotony of a decorous age. Netherlands I have learned that whatever happens, from good to bad, it will all fall into place, if you just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride along the road that leads you to it. United States That the Dude abides.

United Kingdom That donny liked to bowl. United States never fuck a starnger in the ass, and you dont fuckin roll on shabas!! And…never let go of that rug, especially if it ties the room together.

United States Never spend money on rugs. Things that I think tie my room together, and my life together just end up getting pissed on. United States Dont sweat the small stuff. Life goes on…even if you got a rash, man. Some poor souls cannot love in the true sense of the word.

the big lebowski quotes rules for dating

It is called satyriasis in men, nymphomania in women. United States I learned to stand upwind when dumping deceased friends ashes out of coffee cans at the beach. United States I have learned that bad things happen to everyone, even people who are relaxed,cool and hate The Eagles.

United States Sometimes you eat the bar. Sometimes the bar, she eats you. United States I have learned what happens if you fuck a stranger in the ass. So as a precaution, I park my car in the garage and I never discard tests in abandoned cars. United States I learned not to take myself so seriously, and not to take seriously what other people think either.

This is a funny movie that addresses real life problems, misunderstandings, lack of clarity, tolerance for the mentally ill and those different from ourselves, and the final lesson that life is finite, it ends, and the importance of living our lives in a way that does not harm others. Other things that come to mind is that greed is evil, and that pot is a good solution to anxiety, boredom and depression. The Great Lebowski is first and foremost hilarious entertainment.

I watch it when I need to detach from what is really going on in life and find comfort in knowing that no matter how bad things may be now, they could be worse. United Kingdom Nothing is something worth doing. United States Life is to important to take it to seriously Ireland I learned not to be so anal about everything and to step back, relax and enjoy my life more.

United States Get your rug back, no matter what. Netherlands bathrobes are awesome Canada Lebowski has taught me to appreciate what I have, to enjoy the little things and not to take anything too seriously. The dude seems satisfied with his few comforts and content to live his life the way he wants. Happy until fortune frowns on him, that is. Donnie wants to be included, Walter wants to be noticed, Jackie Treehorn wants to get paid, Maude wants respect, the Big Lebowski wants to be revered, the nihilists want comfort without true effort and Bunny wants status.

All the dude ever wanted was his rug back. How amazing is life if happiness is found in what you already have! United States I learned that I am, obviously, not a golfer. I learned the value of accessorising a room.

I learned how easily available severed toes, with or without polish, actually are and how fun marmets can be in a bath tub. Most importantly, though, I learned to just go with the flow, always be myself and how to make a killer Caucasian… United States That even if my day was bad, to try and roll with it like The Dude would! United States I have learned to not take myself or others to seriously. To just sit back relax and take life in. Not to stress out about money or work.

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To just enjoy life and live it how I want to. United States The Dudes Abides. United States Three things: United States I have learned the benefits of taking it easy; life is far more enjoyable by taking the easier path and not listening to the Eagles. Check the half and half before purchasing it. That the squares will never care about the dudeist, other than as the inevitable fall guy for their schemes. Friends, even when assholes, are the straws that stir the drink.

Never roll on Shabbus. Finally, check the contents of the briefcase before you agree to deliver it. United States I learned that most things in life are unimportant, and that no matter how rough things get, even if others label you weird, or a freak, or a loser, live life your own way. Be happy, take it easy, being content is more important than having it all.

Just look at the Dude. The secondary lesson there is to go far lengths for things you really want, and with drive comes success. Getting this confused response from so many of my compadres has made me reflect and conclude that they are, in fact, mostly right. Nothing really changes from the beginning to the end of the movie.

the big lebowski quotes rules for dating

The Dude remains Dudely, Walter remains disturbed, and Lebowski remains a miserable old prick. With the exception of Donnie, not much differs.

All The ‘The Big Lebowski’ Quotes That Really Tie The Room Together

We tend to be very un-Dude by, for example, planning too much. Planning leads us to put so much thought on the ultimate goal, that we miss the beautiful experience that takes up most of our lives — the journey. The Stranger is the one to point it out for us, as his narrative frames the movie. He reminds us that although not too much has changed at the end, the journey is a helluva a story and a more important learning experience. Life is just a string of journeys, and all we can really do is sit back with some oat sodas and some good friends and ride them out.

That is what The Big Lebowski taught me, and I try to live my life every day accordingly. United States I learned to protect my face from thugs that want to push my face into the toilette. United States The Big Lebowski taught me that you should stop living in the past.

Whether your past was good or bad, it is important to get over it because you are not living in reality. This was shown in two examples throughout the movie: Because they are focused on revenge and have not let go of the past, they seek to take from the successful in society- The Big Lebowski. Across this line, you do not Also, Dude, "Chinaman" is not the preferred nomenclature.

Walter, this isn't a guy who built the railroads here. This is a guy What the fuck are you? Walter, he peed on my rug!

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He peed on the Dude's rug. Donny, you're out of your element! Dude, the Chinaman is not the issue here! Jeff Lebowski, the other Jeffery Lebowski. That's fucking interesting, man. Plus, he has the wealth, obviously, and the resources.

So that there's no reason - there's no FUCKING reason - why his wife should go out and owe money all over town, and then they come, and they pee on your fucking rug!

Uh, our guest needs to be going now, Mrs. Ah - Wonderful woman. We're all, we're all very fond of her. Brandt can't watch, though - or he has to pay a hundred. Uh, I'm just gonna go find a cash machine. You were over the line, that's a foul.

Mark it 8, Dude. Smokey, this is not 'Nam. Hey, Walter, c'mon, it's just - Hey man, it's Smokey. So his toe slipped over a little, you know, it's just a game, man. This is a league game, this determines who enters the next round robin. Yeah, but I wasn't Yeah, but I wasn't over. Gimme the marker Dude, I'm marking an 8.

Smokey, my friend, [pulls out an MA1 pistol] you're entering a world of pain. You mark that frame an 8, you're entering a world of pain. A world of pain. Look, Dude, I - This is your partner They're calling the cops, man. Put the piece away.

Walter, put the piece away … Smokey: Are you happy, you crazy fuck?

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You know, Dude, I myself dabbled in pacifism once. Not in 'Nam of course. And, you know, he's got emotional problems, man. You mean … beyond pacifism? Fuckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man. Yeah, but he's a pervert, Dude. He's a sex offender, with a record - He served 6 months in Chino for exposing himself to an eight year old. When he moved to Hollywood, he had to go door to door to tell everyone he was a pederast.

What's a pederast, Walter? She probably kidnapped herself. What do you mean, Dude? Rug Peers did not do this - Look at it! A young trophy wife, marries this guy for his money. It's all a goddamn fake, man!

It's like Lenin said: You look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh, you know You know what I'm trying to say? That's ex-- Shut the fuck up, Donny! Fuckin' exactly what happened to those That makes me fuckin' sick! Well, what do you care, Walter? This whole fuckin' thing! I did not watch my buddies die face-down in the muck so this fuckin' strumpet, this fuckin' whore could waltz around town- The Dude: Walter, Walter - I don't see any connection to Vietnam, man.

Well it isn't a literal connection, Dude. Walter, face it - There isn't any connection. Have it your way, but my point - The Dude: My point is - Jesus Quintana: Are you ready to be fucked, man? Liam and me, we're gonna fuck you up! You pull any of your crazy shit with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger 'til it goes "click".

You said it, man. Nobody fucks with The Jesus. Whose toe was it, Walter? How the fuck should I know? I do know that nothing about it indicates The nail polish, Walter! As if it's impossible to take some nail polish, apply it to someone else's toe Where the fuck are they gonna There are ways, Dude - you don't wanna know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a toe by 3: Now the point is They're gonna kill her, Walter, and then they're gonna kill me. That's just the stress talkin', man.

Now so far, we have, what appears to me, to be a series of victimless crimes What about the toe?! Could you please keep your voices down? This is a family restaurant. For your information, the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint! Walter, this is not a First Amendment thing, man. Sir, if you don't calm down, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Lady, I got buddies who died face-down in the muck so that you and I could enjoy this family restaurant!

Alright, I'm outta here [drops money and inadvertently a joint on counter, subtly picks up the joint] Walter Sobchak: Don't walk away, man! C'mon, this affects all of us, man!

I'm finishing my coffee. Jesus, man, can you change the channel? If you don't like my fucking music, get your own fucking cab! I had a really rough I'll pull to the side and kick your ass out. Man, come on, I had a rough night, and I hate the fucking Eagles, man. Donny, shut the f— When do we play? Quintana and— Walter Sobchak: Well, they'll have to reschedule. Walter, what am I gonna tell Lebowski?

I told that fuck down at the league office … Who's in charge of scheduling? I told that kraut a fucking thousand times that I don't roll on Shabbos! They already posted it. Who gives a shit?! They're gonna kill that poor woman, man! What am I gonna tell Lebowski? C'mon, Dude - Uh, eventually she'll get tired of her little game and, you know, wander on back.

How come you don't roll on Saturday, Walter? Yeah, and in the meantime, what do I tell Lebowski?! Saturday, Donny, is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. Walter, how am I going to— Walter Sobchak: That's it, I'm outta here.

They were Nazis, Dude? Oh, come on, Donny, they were threatening castration! Are we gonna split hairs here? What do you do for. Oh, the usual - I bowl. The occasional acid flashback. Fighting in desert is very different from fighting in canopy jungle. I mean that was a foot-soldier's war - Whereas this thing here should, uh. I mean, I had an M16 Jacko, not an Abrams fucking tank. Me and Charlie - eyeball to eyeball.

The man in the black pajamas, Dude. Who was in pajamas, Walter? Whereas what we have here. Bunch of fig-eaters wearin' towels on their head tryin' to find reverse on a Soviet tank - This.

This bush-league psych out stuff. I'm saying, I see what you're getting at, Dude, he kept the money. My point is, here we are, it's shabbos, the sabbath, which I'm allowed to break only if it's a matter of life or death Will you come off it, Walter?

You're not even fucking Jewish, man. What the fuck are you talkin' about? Man, you're fucking Polish Catholic I converted when I married Cynthia! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And you know this! Yeah, and five fucking years ago you were divorced. So what are you saying? When you get divorced you turn in your library card?

You get a new license? You stop being Jewish? I'm as Jewish as fucking Tevye. It's all a part of your sick Cynthia thing, man. Taking care of her fucking dog. Going to her fucking synagogue. You're living in the fucking past. Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax You're goddamn right I'm living in the fucking past!

What the hell happened? You thought that Bunny had been kidnapped and you were fuckin' glad, man. You could use it as an excuse to make some money disappear.

All you needed was a sap to pin it on! You'd just met me! You human … paraquat! You figured "oh, here's a loser", you know? A deadbeat, someone the square community won't give a shit about. Well, take care, man, gotta get back. Take it easy, Dude.