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best party rune factory 4 dating

You can't confess to or have someone join their party if they're in an event. . For her marriage once you are in a relationship you need to date her atleast 3 times Its best to just give her some chinese manju every day as it is. A page for describing Characters: Rune Factory 4. Player Characters and Family Lest The male protagonist. He later becomes the temporary prince of the town. Due to the prevalence of trapped rooms, I much prefer going through arc 3 solo. If you want to bring a party along anyway, I'd suggest a fast.

He desperately wants to be seen as one. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Part of the pair with his sister. He cooks and cleans because she's genuinely incapable of doing either with any skill, and he occasionally worries he isn't manly enough. His personality is also much gentler than hers. Starts with a short sword, but in battle he is very magic-oriented. His name is possibly a corruption of "keel," which is the longitudinal structure along the centerline at the bottom of a vessel's hull, on which the rest of the hull is built, in some vessels extended downward as a blade or ridge to increase stability.

This could symbolize how much Forte and Bado both depend on him. Boasts a wide variety of healing spells. While his father was often training Forte, he spent most of his time as a kid with his mother and seems to act much more like her. In fact, her dying was so hard on him that Nancy theorizes that his health took a hit from the ordealmaking him often go to the clinic. Contrasts his sister's daddy's girl.

He's probably the most magically-gifted of the bachelors. Older Than They Look: He looks to be a young teenager, but is considered an adult by everyone except Forte, that is and can be married.

Not to mention, in Forte's marriage event it is stated that he has now come of age, implying that he is actually around years old. Has both offensive and recovery spells in his arsenal. Since he loves to study magic, it's not surprising he knows so many. The smartest out of the bachelors, except possibly Arthur, despite being short. Out of all the bachelors, he fits this the most. He wears one belt that's actually holding up his pants, and a second that's just kinda hung around his waist for decoration.

Believed he was this, seeing how his father focused on training Forte and eventually made her the Dragon Knight. His marriage event delves deeper into this as his father made a promise to him to give him the key to his mother's music box once he was strong enough.

However, his father died before that was possible and Kiel believed he had forgotten that promise because he didn't care about him.

best party rune factory 4 dating

Thankfully, it gets sorted out and Kiel finds out his father did remember their promise and was very proud of him. Wants to be accepted by his father for the way he is and not for being his successor as a Dragon Knight or for being well-versed in sword fight. Coupled with wanting to make his sister happy, where he nearly works himself to death to try and find a way to save her position as Dragon Knight when her competency is questioned.

Tomokazu Sugita JP ; D. Douglas EN One of the bachelors.

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Having once been a unicorn monster called Thunderbolt, he is taken in by Porcoline to be a new waiter. At first, he doesn't say much and when he does he often sounds curtbut will slowly warm up over time once he gets over his shyness. He's also quite hotblooded, especially around Doug. Spends much of his time fishing. His totally goofy grin just sells it. He has an awesome lightning attack that shoots a dozen beams in all directions, but due to his abysmal intelligence, his magic attacks are quite weak.

He really doesn't take kindly to being likened to a horse.

best party rune factory 4 dating

In one event, a traveler calls him "horse-face" and he immediately threatens to "punt him and Doug into next week. To Lest, or to Frey if she's not his girlfriend. He'll also request that you take him with you if you go someplace dangerous, because he might be useful. Boy Of My Dreams: In the official manga, Frey was dreaming about him as Thunderbolt for some time, which is how she instinctively knew how to change him back.

Cannot Spit It Out: And then if he does spit it out, he'll immediately try to backpedal. Dark Is Not Evil: His black clothing and somewhat sour demeanor aren't an indication of impending doom unless you call him a horse.

He's extremely stubborn, and Thunderbolt even has to be killed twice — he'll turn redfall down like he's defeated, and then get back up again to go a second round.

At least, not to the person he needs to say it to.

best party rune factory 4 dating

Sure, he'll thank you for giving him food, but the only way you'll hear his thanks for, y'know, saving him from being trapped in the Water Ruins and actually being his friend is to check his diary it also comes with the comment that he should probably say this in person.

He also seems to spend more time telling you how grateful he is to Porcoline than actually telling Porcoline himself.

One of his random high-friendship conversations mentions that he was "bored with life" and that the player "saved" him, which would likely imply that he felt suicidal. Has a single dark line across his left cheek. It's not mentioned if it's a scar or simply part of being half-horse-monster. Fish out of Temporal Water: Out of all the guardians, he doesn't mind it too much, though he's obviously not very comfortable at first. Acts as a good party healer. Spells are water element.

Takes any junk items for recruitment. Ambrosia - found as random even-numbered floor boss in Banquet of nightmares floor must be grey cave theme and boss of first dungeon.

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Attacks are physical and love element and are ranged. Requires giant toy herb to recruit. Rainbow-chan Rainbow-chan 2 years ago 8 My only issue with reccomending monsters over villagers is that when it comes to certain attacks their AI is kinda bad.

I tested it breifly with both monsters and villagers a long while back and if I remember correctly monsters have no regard for the effectiveness of their attacks and will attack blindly whereas villagers won't attack an enemy with an attack that will heal it ex. While using weapons with no element attribute they will not attack the??? Also, villagers out-damage monsters later on when properly geared. The main downside to villagers is that you have to gear them and they have horrible HP compared to monsters.

In the end it doesn't really matter which you take I guess since they'll probably only be effective as meat shields until endgame. Haven't finished arc 3. So which monsters before there. Can I find the fairly and the other one mentioned before the maze???

best party rune factory 4 dating

I definitely can't do the maze yet. He's the first offensive mage of the cast. He'll protect himself with Shine, and attack with Dark Snake or whatever it's called. While she doesn't seem as offensive as Arthur, she has Pico as a weapon, which is nice. I've never seen her actually cast spells, though They're nothing special in terms of unique attacks except maybe throwing mini turnips?

And with no special skills to distract them, they're pretty consistently offensive. Vishnal, Barrett, Raven, and Doug don't seem to hve other gimmicks at first glance and have decent fighting stats, so they can probably fit combat roles just fine. I don't know if she can unlock this in a Frey file, but if Lest dates her, she'll learn a new spell to "protect her loved ones. It was her cousin's idea, and considering the rainbow effect, this cements that RF3's Daria and Margaret are related.

She retains the spell if Lest marries someone else, as well.

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These two both have the same gimmick: During battle, they'll randomly decide to throw food at you. But they can miss. If they hit you, you instantly gain the effects of the food.

If they hit the enemy And if they miss completely, you can pick it up off the ground. Considering Clorica can throw Ultimate Curry, she can also make a good moneymaker. I forget what Kiel has, I just saw him throw food once and went "oh, male Clorica. I don't "get" most of the rest. I mean, okay, Bado is lazy, I get it, but does he do anything besides stand there? I've never seen him attack! Stats stacked towards int He's a doctor who dosn't seem to heal?