Dark obsession dating

Dark Obsession by Valerie Marsh

dark obsession dating

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Nine years later, the heroine and hero meet up again in London.

dark obsession dating

Hero is now divorced. His wife finally wised up and was fed up with acting as the stand in for hero's fixation with his inappropriate object of lust. Though the heroine does not know this is the reason for the divorce and spends the rest of the book constantly thinking SHE is the poor man's substitute for the ex-wife.

There are many Great, Big, Terrible, Misunderstandings but the bottom line is these two nincompoops jumped into marriage without taking the time to know each other or even really finding out if these intense, lusty feelings they had for each other would burn up into ashes as quickly as a lit match.

dark obsession dating

As long as things are good in bed, the hero seems content but if the heroine is less than spectacularly aroused by him, or objects in any other way to the hero's secretive meetings with the ex-wife or his refusal to discuss his emotions or his past with her, he lashes out at her, accusing her of being a gold-digging slut who married a convenient meal-ticket.

Never mind he was the one who was pushing for the marriage. The heroine reacts to these temper tantrums by freezing the hero out, so ensconced is she with her obsession that she cannot possibly measure up to the ex-wife. Their final confrontation is really, really ugly. He actually confirms her worst fear, telling her in no uncertain words, that he is disillusioned with her, and that she had best remained a figment of his imagination, because in reality, she was a disappointment. He also tells her that his ex-wife was worth twenty of her, and that unlike the amicable, generous settlement he bestowed on the ex after their divorce, she cannot expect a penny from him and he will fight her tooth and nail with all his lawyers to fight the divorce every step of the way.

dark obsession dating

Not because he wants to save his marriage but because he wants to save face in front of all his friends and colleagues and avoid the social stigma of enduring yet another failed marriage. But because this is a Harlequin, that confrontation ends up with them finally clearing up the Great, Big, Terrible, Misunderstandings and saying their I love yous, because, you know, the story had to eventually conclude within the allotted number of pages. I quite disliked the hero in this story, for obvious reasons.

I mean, I get that he could not act on his feelings towards a teenager but why did he have to drag a perfectly innocent woman into it and marry her?

He could have gone on and dated other women until he got over this fixation and eventually allowed himself to fall in love and commit to a woman.

Obsession: Dark Desires

On the other hand, if he was so uncurable, he could have waited for the heroine to grow up. The fact that he married some unsuspecting woman to act as shield against his baser instincts and then spent his marriage pretending she was someone else he was making love to was SICK. As for the stupidly rushed into marriage with the heroine without even admitting to her how he feels for her, and all the times he put her second after his ex-wife, after his friends and colleagues, and even after his housekeeper, with nary a sympathy for how she would feel, he just proved that he continued to be callous and unfeeling.

It is a fun place to visit, but Obsession might not be a bar for beginners. The dancers here are surprisingly educated and not pushy. The room at King Castle 3 is a bit smaller than average by Patpong standards but accommodates a large 'L' shape lit stage for 10 dancers. Beers are just baht, lady drinks start at baht.

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With the giant neon signs of the massive Go Go bars all around, Cockatoo Go-Go Bar is easily overlooked and passersby often miss it. The room is rather small, with just a modest stage in the middle and sofas on each side, making it a bit cramped and potentially uncomfortable.

The club hosts about ten staff, all speaking enough English to ease the conversation. As Soi Cowboy is the nicest of the three 'hot' areas of Bangkok, it's a good place for a first-time visitor. The room is large with an interesting 'Flinstone's Cave' design and a fancy multilevel metal stage on which there are generally a lot of dancers.

And by a lot, we mean a lot.