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Chongoni Rock Art Area.

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The area of Africa now known as Malawi had a very small population of hunter-gatherers before waves of Bantu peoples began emigrating from the north around the 10th century. Byhowever, the empire had broken up into areas controlled by many individual ethnic groups. As the result of Livingstone's visit, several Anglican and Presbyterian missions were established in the area in the s and s, the African Lakes Company Limited was established in to set up a trade and transport concern working closely with the missions, and a small mission and trading settlement was established at Blantyre in and a British Consul took up residence there in The Portuguese government was also interested in the area so, to prevent Portuguese occupation, the British government sent Harry Johnston as British consul with instructions to make treaties with local rulers beyond Portuguese jurisdiction.

An influential opponent of the CAF was Dr. Hastings Bandaa European-trained doctor working in Ghana who was persuaded to return to Nyasaland in to assist the nationalist cause. Banda was elected president of the NAC and worked to mobilise nationalist sentiment before being jailed by colonial authorities in He was released in and asked to help draft a new constitution for Nyasaland, with a clause granting Africans the majority in the colony's Legislative Council.

The Federation was dissolved inand on 6 JulyNyasaland became independent from British rule and renamed itself Malawi. Under a new constitution, Malawi became a republic with Banda as its first president. The new document also formally made Malawi a one-party state with the MCP as the only legal party. InBanda was declared president-for-life.

For almost 30 years, Banda presided over a rigidly totalitarian regime, which ensured that Malawi did not suffer armed conflict. Malawi's economy while Banda was president was often cited as an example of how a poor, landlocked, heavily populated, mineral-poor country could achieve progress in both agriculture and industrial development.

In Banda's own words "I do not want my boys and girls to do what I had to do — to leave their homes and their families and go away from Malawi to get an education", was the reason for gifting this school to Malawi.

Under pressure for increased political freedomBanda agreed to a referendum inwhere the populace voted for a multi-party democracy. Kasungu National Park attracts birdwatchers and nature lovers alike with its array of flora and fauna. Contrary to popular belief, there are thriving populations of elephants here.

In the past, poaching was a problem, but many animals like the leopard, zebra and jackal have made a comeback here. The best game viewing is at the end of the dry season from August to November, when the animals cluster around the watering holes.

dating in mzuzu

For overnight stays, there is the affordable and eco-friendly Lifupa Conservation Lodge. It was previously known as Lake Nyasa — a name given by missionary explorer David Livingstone.

The lake is home to more than 1, species of cichlid fish, of which there are several variations that exist in an array of colors and sizes. In fact, Lake Malawi has the largest number of fish species of any lake on earth!

It also supports a large number of aquatic birds such as eagles, ducks, herons, cormorants and kingfishers. Non-cichlid fish such as Chambo, Kampango and Usipa are caught and sold in markets throughout the country. They use paraffin lamps to attract the fish to the surface in order to make it easier to net them.

Activities in and around Lake Malawi are varied — swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, camping, hiking, bird watching, fishing and sailing, just to name a few. Like Blantyre in the south, Lilongwe is an economic center that has seen substantial growth in infrastructure in recent years. The city itself is not a major tourist attraction, but is a regular stopover for travelers flying into Kamuzu International Airport.

Lilongwe is divided into the Old Town south and New Town northwhich can make getting around challenging since the there is a considerable distance between the two. Taxis are available at almost every hotel. Crafts Market Vendors gather with their woodcarvings and trinkets at the Lilongwe crafts market. Although not as good as other markets throughout the country, you can still find souvenirs of all kinds, including personalized key chains and small figurines.

The market is located outside the Old Town post office. The LWT provides refuge to orphaned and injured animals, as well as teaches the local community about conservation. In addition to operating a comprehensive primate release program, the LWT conducts wildlife tours during which visitors can get acquainted with some of the permanent residents including Bella the lion and Kambuku the leopard.

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve The Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is 1, square kilometers of rugged woodland terrain cut by numerous rivers. What Nkhotakota lacks in visible animal herds, it more than makes up for in unadulterated peace and tranquility. The flow of the river and the symphony of nocturnal insects make Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve a retreat for mind and body.

Ntchisi Forest Reserve This lush patch of forest covers about 75 square kilometers and is located in the Ntchisi Mountains — a remote area dotted with rural villages.

Orchids, wild mushrooms, exotic fruit trees and strangling figs are just some of the specimens endemic to the reserve. The Ntchisi Forest Reserve is a two-hour drive from Lilongwe.

About five miles east of Salima, along the lakeshore, is Senga Bay. Well known as for its resorts, Senga Bay offers accommodations for all budgets.

The area mainly attracts local weekenders and business people. Activities include fishing village tours, a fish farm tour and water sports. We recommend Sunbird Livingstonia Beach. With a population of more than , it is a bustling center of industry.

With hotels, restaurants and a major airport, Blantyre feels more like a cohesive city than the capital Lilongwe. Blantyre first began as a missionary settlement inmaking it the oldest municipality in Malawi.

dating in mzuzu

It was named after the Scottish town where missionary David Livingstone was born. There are Western-style shops, many of which are located in the Chichiri Shopping Center. Here, the Central Bookshop store is stocked with stationery, novels, travel guides and coffee table books of Malawi.

For crafts, head to the downtown crafts market in downtown. Here, vendors display their works, which include figurines, masks, decorative bowls and furniture. Good roads, an influx of university students and a sizeable community of expats make Blantyre a popular stopover for travelers headed to other parts of Southern Malawi.

Things to see include historical buildings such as the St. Tobacco is an important cash crop for the country. Experiencing a live tobacco auction is a fascinating cultural experience. Head to the public gallery overlooking the tobacco auction floors at the Auction Holdings warehouse in Limbe to catch the action. Carlsberg Brewery Carlsberg, a Danish beer brand, began producing and distributing its popular brew in Malawi in Since then, it has become the national beer of the country.

Visitors are welcome to visit the brewery. Marshland, woodland and grassland comprise its landscape, which allows several animal species to thrive here, mainly hippos, elephants and crocodiles. The central feature of the park is the imposing Shire River that flows along its western boarder.

Apart from supplying the park with sustenance, the Shire River is teeming with life. Colossal crocodiles, hippo pods and roaming herds of elephant rely on the mighty Shire for their survival. Other residents include warthogs, baboons, leopards, sable and bushbuck.

dating in mzuzu

Thanks to local conservation efforts, the black rhino has been reintroduced. Nourished by the river and honored by Malawians, Liwonde National Park is a magical place that should not be missed!

It has an area of square kilometers and a diverse landscape of miombo woodland, dry savannah and marshes. Game viewing is excellent almost all year round thanks to a network of new roads and constant vigilance by park officials.

Visitors can drive through the park in their own cars, with or without the assistance of a scout. Check out our article the Top 4 Luxury Bush Lodges in Malawi The park also offers a variety of activities including guided game drives, river safaris, bird walks, bush camping and village tours. Low-budget accommodations include the community campsite and Thawale Lodge. For more information on visiting the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Mount Mulanje For hikers and climbers, Mount Mulanje is a must.

dating in mzuzu

At over 3, meters, Sapitwa Peak is the highest point in south-central Africa. Most hikers first arrive in Mulanje Town, which is well equipped with hotels and restaurants.

Hotel recommendation in Mulanje Town: Mount Mulanje forms part of a protected area known as the Mulanje Forest Reserve. The Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust manages hiking and climbing activities. Hiking routes are clearly marked. There are 10 camping huts spread over the mountain for overnight stays. Each hut has cooking facilities, restrooms, mattresses and basic camping equipment. Hikes from one hut to the next can range from three to five hours.

Mount Mulanje is just 65 kilometers from Blantyre. For more information, visit the Mountain Club of Malawi. Zomba Plateau The lush Zomba Plateau has an area of square kilometers. Just two hours away from Blantyre is this scenic stretch of rolling hills and dense forest. At the foot of the plateau is the city of Zomba, which was first established at the end of the 19th century as the seat of the British Administration of Nyasaland.

The area surrounding it is mainly agricultural, with Zomba serving as a trading center.

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Both reveal magnificent panoramic views of southern Malawi and Mount Mulanje with Mozambique in the distance. Zomba Plateau is also home to the Potato Trail, a historic path used by villagers taking their potatoes to sell in Zomba. It takes about one hour to take the path down to Zomba town. Note from David After traveling for years, it was nice to finally get the opportunity to visit sub-Saharan Africa.

Just when I thought the highlight of my trip was spotting a leopard in Nyika National Park, I arrived at the lakeshore. It is also one of the largest and deepest!