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docent significato latino dating

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Oppure il latino e gli studi classici forniscono un metodo di studio? Un approccio critico alla risoluzione dei problemi? Quale caratteristica distintiva lo rende speciale?

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Ma concentriamoci sulla tesi 1. Remember to think about, who are you going to invite to the public examination and who to the reception, and find out whether the department will partly pay the bill. The Custos inquires from the Opponent whether the preparations for the post-doctoral celebration can be started. If you are arranging the post-doctoral celebration, plan the invitationsreception service and the programme, reserve the premises, and prepare to a speech of thanking the Opponent and others.

Depending on the place and time, take care of the decorations, lighting, sound reproduction, orchestra etc. Usually people are invited to the public examination and to the post-doctoral celebration at the same time.

Make an agreement with the Custos upon clothing business suit, tailcoat or academic dress. The Custos informs the opponent about the agreement. The Custos ensures that the Opponent knows the time and the place of the public examination. Make arrangements with the PR and information office of the University on the media coverage of the dissertation. Plan a press release and get pictures taken of yourself. Read up on the tips and guidelines on releasing information!

Prepare yourself for the public examination of the dissertation by thinking about the questions the Opponent might possibly ask. Remember that the public examination is rarely an examination to the letter, and that dissertations are almost never rejected at this stage. Make plans about the possible photographing at the public examination. Custos The Custos is the chairman of the public examination of a dissertation and supervises the examination situation.

docent significato latino dating

The faculty council appoints the opponent or opponents and the custos. It is a task of honour and should be given to the supervisor of the thesis. The Custos receives a copy of the faculty's decision, the experts' reviews attached. Invitations Public examination of a dissertation is an occasion, to which anyone interested in science is welcome to attend.

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You are also free to invite your relatives and friends by using separate invitations. Inviting people both to the public examination and to the post-doctoral celebration is convenient. Remember to clearly express whether you are inviting them personally or avec.

Invitation card can be for example like the following: I also wish you welcome to join the post-doctoral celebration arranged in honour of my Opponent at 19 o'clock at Lozzi restaurant. The recommended length of the lecture is no more than 20 minutes. In it, you can answer to such questions as: What conclusions or recommendations can be made on the basis of the research? Can current societal issues be answered to on the basis of the research? How does it contribute to our worldview?

Remember that lectio praecursoria might be the only part of the public examination of a dissertation that is understandable to all the participants of the occasion.

Lectio praecursoria can well be used also as the basis of your press release when it is condensed into fewer words. How to write a press release How to write a press release about your doctoral dissertation.

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The aim of the press release is to convey your message in such a way that reporters will write an article on it, either on the basis of the release or after some further questions.

The press release is written in a short and news-like manner and it contains the central issues of your research, focusing on the results and connecting them to the larger field of study. The title of the press release is of great importance, since reporters use titles as the basis on which they make the decision whether to keep reading the press release.

Use clear and understandable language and avoid jargon. You can structure the text and capture the reader's interest by adding inviting subtitles. If your research is a part of a larger project, done in a research team or if it has been externally funded, remember to consult your supervisor on how these facts should be presented in the press release.

The length of the press release should be 1 page without the abstract — the more concise the better. You can see more detailed instructions on writing the press release below. You can also submit the press release material by using the After sending your press release to the aforementioned email address we will revise it if necessary and send it back to you via email for you to comment on as soon as possible. In order to interest the Finnish media, the press release should be written in Finnish.

If you do not speak Finnish, we suggest that you discuss the matter with your supervisor and try to find someone at your department to help you with the draft. However, should you find this difficult, please do not hesitate to contact us with your English version. The faculties provide us with the information concerning the dissertations and occasionally, for instance, the possible changes made to the name of your dissertation have not been registered there.

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The press release text The press release should include the following information: You can tell about the implementation and the methods of your research etc. Background information You should also add your education and working history in the press release, preferably presented coherently and concisely in the manner of a complete press release: Publication information Attach the publication information to the press release in the following manner: Abstract Send us also the English abstract and title of your dissertation.

docent significato latino dating

Press release photo We are committed to providing the media with photos of the doctoral candidates if requested. Thus, we need a colour photo of you. You can send us a photo, a file large enough for print use dpi.

Some medias prefer horizontal pictures eg. You can make an appointment by calling in advance tel. The photographer delivers the photo to the University Communication the following day. Media contacts In the case of media interest prepare to be available and ready for interviews before the public examination of your dissertation. Always ask to see and revise the texts about your dissertation before their publication.

Zuckerberg è cosi ricco perché ha studiato latino ... o no?

You also have the right to ask for the possible factual errors to be corrected. Remember the autonomy of science — you are the only person who has the right to correct or ask to revise a text written about your research.

Good luck with the public examination of your dissertation! Procedure at Dissertation The progression and formalities of the public examination of the dissertation. The progression and formalities of the public examination of the dissertation may vary between faculties, so remember to check the guidelines of your own faculty. Men should wear either a tailcoat with a black waistcoat or a dark suit; women should wear a black, long-sleeved dress with a small neckline without a hat.

All can also wear the ceremonial gown of the University.

docent significato latino dating