Munising bowl dating

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munising bowl dating

Item 9 - Antiques Off Broadway,a fabulous Tiger maple small round bowl by the is their 3rd mark and was used around , helping to date this bowl. Lot includes two bowls one clearly marked 'Munising; the other has faint mark possibly attributed to Munsing. In classic dough bowl shape they. Antiques Off Broadway, vintage 's Munising dough chop bowl solid hard maple, antique dough bowls, wooden spice containers, bread dough pastry boards.

According to Karen Boaz, owner of Red Barn Antiques in nearby Au Train, artisans weren't allowed to sign their work, but many hid their initials in the painted swirls. To care for a Munising bowl, coat its surface with food-grade mineral oil, and let it get absorbed for six to eight hours. Repeat until oil no longer permeates the wood, and wipe off excess. Treat the bowl every month, and keep it out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat and cold.

If you use the vessel to serve or prepare food, avoid any that may stain the wood, such as beets or berries.

munising bowl dating

To clean it, wash it with hot water and gentle dishwashing liquid. Do not let it soak. Dry it, and then reapply oil.

Woodturning a Solid Cedar Bowl

What is in an egg cream, and what is the origin of the drink? The frothy concoction is a refreshing, seemingly rich treat: As is often the case with iconic foods, the egg cream's origins are more legend than fact.

One theory is that an early version contained the title ingredients; a recipe from includes both but no chocolate. The name might have derived from chocolat et creme, a favorite French drink of a Yiddish theater actor, or from the foam, reminiscent of beaten egg whites.

Most likely, a candy-shop owner Louis Auster, some say concocted it around on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, then home to many Jewish immigrants. Without using pricier ingredients such as ice cream, the drink was an economical and popular offering at candy shops, lunch counters and soda fountains in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, with its heyday spanning from the s to the s.

The egg cream lives on across the country as a fizzy ambassador of its hometown.

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But purists insist that it still come with local flavor: In addition to ice-cold whole milk and seltzer spritzed from a pressurized bottle, the drink must be mixed with a chocolate-flavored syrup called Fox's U-Bet foxs-syrups. I just made plain yogurt and want to try different flavors. The company's products included butter molds, clothes pins, coasters, salad bowls and salad forks and spoons. Most products were made of maple. During World War II, the company prospered by manufacturing wooden tent stakes.

Many "Munising" salad bowlscontained hand-painted floral decorations.

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The company employed Natalie Lewis, an artist, to train local women in design and painting techniques. Local legends suggest that the spring-handle clothes pin originated in Munising. The company sold a gunny sack full for 50 cents. When foreign competition from Norway and Sweden led to a collapse of the American manufactured clothes pin market, the company fell on hard times.

The plant closed in Munising marked woodenware is now well-established in the collectibles market. Among the items listed in several of the general price guides are: Ellen Schroy, senior editor at Warman Publishing Co. Q - I own a silver-plated, Federal-style coffeepot and teapot that I bought at a second-hand store. The pieces have "C" scroll handles, a scallop design at the end of the spout, a beaded rim at the top and a pedestal base.

The pieces are marked "Derby S. A - Dorothy T.

munising bowl dating

The Derby Silver Co. Your pieces probably were made in the first quarter of the 20th century. However, Federal style silver and silver-plated pieces have never gone out of style and continue to be made today. The number "" is the model number for your set.

munising bowl dating

Because your pieces are silver plated, their value is minimal. Q - My wife has a edition of Robert Frost's "A Further Range," containing Frost's signature along with his personal note to the original owner.

We do not doubt the authenticity of the signature.