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Nancy Pelosi: 'Republicans Get Off The Hook' When Immigration Activists Target Democrats | HuffPost

pelosi latino dating

Gone are the days of House leaders simply ignoring legislation that will make the president and his party look bad. headshot. By S.V. Date. Nov 27, "I have seen reports of other candidates, but to date, the only person that has Pelosi is likely to be elected Speaker in the next Congress. Jul 16, Pelosi, Schumer: Trump's news conference suggests Putin has . Also, what the new “Spider-Man” film means to an Afro-Latino critic. Plus.

She pushed for immigration reform and supports Obama taking executive action. But while she appreciates the mounting frustration over the lack of movement, she said the protesters were aiming their fire at the wrong people.

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Pelosi's plea spotlights a tension that's existed for years within the immigration advocacy community and that's been amplified in recent weeks. Hoping to flex their muscle within the political process, Latino activists have been forced to decide whom to attack: Republicans, who have blocked reform from even being considered in the House this year, or Democrats, including a president who promised to take executive action that could aid some undocumented immigrants and then pushed back his timeline to after the election.

To date, Republicans have been on the receiving end of advocates' criticism far more often than their Democratic counterparts.

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But with the president already overseeing a historic number of deportations, concern is mounting that Latino voters will just stay out of the process entirely this election cycle. Pelosi said she hoped that Obama would have taken action sooner. So, this is very real for every community including, but not limited to the Latino community.

Pelosi Remarks from Press Conference Call on National Minimum Wage Day - Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Miller referenced those who make those incomes partially by tips. But for those businesses to thrive, as Congressman Miller said, they need customers, they need credit, they need a workforce, but what they most need are customers to make it work.

pelosi latino dating

So it is essential for the Latino community. This is essential to the life of the family, the success of small businesses and the strength of our economy. I spoke to the Hispanic Chamber of Congress in Salt Lake City recently and this was a very strong focus of their emphasis.

pelosi latino dating

Thank you for taking my question. Secretary Perez, I have two questions for you. And my second question is: We would obviously like very much to keep this on the topic of minimum wage.

The Secretary has been traveling the country talking to leaders and workers all across the country. So certainly he can respond to that. My focus with the White House and everything I do here is to help the Janet Rowlands of the world, making sure we expand opportunity for everyone, including raising the minimum wage, including our skills agenda.

pelosi latino dating

And in my travels across the country, I think of people like Roberta, who is a 70 year old Latina that I met in Houston. She helped organize other janitors in the city of Houston because they were working full time and getting their food from the food pantry.

My goal is to open up some shelter for women who are dealing with domestic violence and trying to get a way out. Leader Pelosi closing remarks: Neal Dunn and Georgia Rep. Austin Scott -- said Congress needs to pass an emergency disaster spending bill to help clean up from the hurricane. Any attempts to undermine Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House are unwarranted and fly in the face of her stellar and unrivaled leadership that led Democrats to victory in the House.

pelosi latino dating

And her allies note that she has two months to win skeptics and said she plans to take her fight all the way to the floor. The election proved that the GOP attacks on Pelosi simply do not work. Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania. Pelosi critics say there are more to come, but until these members publicly say so, it is unclear if they will follow through.

This is not a day at the beach. Without action from Congress, 21 million seniors and individuals with disabilities will take a hit. Delay the HIT now. It would be voted on at the start of the new Congress. Republicans are going to push for a full year of funding for the remaining spending bills, which includes DHS -- and, presumably the wall.

pelosi latino dating

This would give Congress the ability to get a fresh start on spending in But Democrats have to go along with that plan -- and they may see it to their advantage to enact a short-term bill so they can negotiate immigration and border security language on their terms.

BUT Republicans and Democrats will need to negotiate a new budget deal next year, and the GOP believes that a short-term spending deal might delay those talks.

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