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richard hammond brainiac dating

Richard Hammond and the Brainiac team are back for some 'science abuse' as Language: English Runtime: 45 minutes Release date: September 25, Brainiac - Science Abuse Season 6: Amazon Digital Services LLC. Richard Hammond's Crash Course Season 1 · Kubo and the Two Strings. Brainiac: Science Abuse (often shortened to simply Brainiac) was a British The original presenters were Richard Hammond and Jon Tickle, who were joined in the second series by Charlotte Hudson. . Series, Start date, End date, Episodes.

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Series 4 Series 4 introduced Brainiac Dartsduring which Bobby George threw a perfect set, always finishing on the Double Top which triggered the explosion of a caravan, and a new "I Can Do Science Me" which is set around auditions. There is also a feature called "Things What My Body Does", in which a member of the public is filmed doing something extraordinary with their bodies.

richard hammond brainiac dating

Kilcoyne with "Glow or Blow". It also introduced a new feature called "Brainiac for a Day", where contestants could bring an item of their choice to blow up.

richard hammond brainiac dating

Myang Li Rachel Grant with steel balls, attempting to "shatter or shunt" various objects. In addition, Vic Reeves appeared as the Russian scientist Uri Abusikov, along with his assistant Ursula, attempting to destroy things with liquid nitrogen. In this series, Reeves took over as host from Richard Hammondwho had quit the show. Hammond's growing commitments to Top Gear and his contract with the BBC meant that he was finding it increasingly difficult to fulfil his role as presenter of Brainiac. Watch Brainiac - Science Abuse Season 3 | Prime Video

Hammond was also reportedly losing interest in doing Brainiac. Reeves was brought in as replacement host shortly after the end of the fourth series and before Richard Hammond's near fatal crash. The original production team left the programme at the same time as Hammond. Thaila Zucchi replaced Hudson as the third co-host and made her debut on the series in two items: Quiet please, we go Jon Tickle get moosical down at the farm.

richard hammond brainiac dating

Torturing brainiacs in the name of Our black box takes on a scrapyard crusher. Viewer Dan Crossley gets a surprise visit from the Brainiac babes. John Fashanu has trouble We put more things we shouldn't inside a microwave oven.

We make snooker interesting with the help of Quintin Hann, We find out if it's possible to go on a romantic dinner date whilst being electrocuted? Does getting scared make you stronger? Brainiac boffin Jon Tickle goes undercover with X-Ray specs. Vacuum cleaning - does it really suck?

Brainiacs get sloshed checking out What happens when you od on 02? Can you serve wine whilst being electrocuted?

Brainiac - Science Abuse

Jon Tickle uses science to pick a date for the evening. More microwave meals cooked Brainiac style. What's the fastest way to get What to do if Santa gets stuck up your chimney.

Brainiacs soak up more bad treatment for science. What household objects to grab in a civil war. Also, we throw brainiacs around to make them throw up. We inflict more mindless We check wind speed down at the lab. Electricity goes on tour. Can you play fruit machines for free.

Brainiac: Science Abuse

We inflict more suffering down at the lab. Stand well back, we put more stuff in a microwave and more We tell you how to win on the fairground grabber.

richard hammond brainiac dating

Jon Tickle puts his foot down in garlic. Testing to destruction — microwaves and washing machines. Answering the big ones down at the warehouse.

Burning through our cash with the Not for the faint hearted — experiments on roller coasters. Getting down to the big questions down at the lab. Bunging the whole lot into a couple of microwaves — stand well back. We find out how to win at the dogs and the funfair arcade. This week the brainiacs are testing out such things as: The trio are joined by GMTV weather