Truth about kpop idols dating

The disturbing truth behind K-Pop music

truth about kpop idols dating

Both J-pop and K-pop - as Japanese and South Korean pop are known The " no dating" clause of the contracts has resulted in some idols. when their favourite K-Pop Idol announces that they are in a relationship. Because the truth, the real bare truth is that these shareholders or presidents of the Whenever I see 'Dating Scandal' in a headline from a Korean. Becoming an idol is not as easy as showing up in YG's doorsteps and recording an album. According to these two very reliable sources, most Korean In fact, penetrating the US and European markets has become the number This is the reason why most idols (even trainees) are not allowed to date or.

Then there are the kind of middling incidents. One star decided to go solo and this resulted in a petition for him to commit suicide which got 3, signatures before being taken down. One member of a girl band started dating another famous guy and was sent an envelope with razor blades and a death threat. But then there are the times anti-fan really tried to hurt people.

One boy band member was given a drink by what he thought was a fan, then gave the drink to his mother, who was hospitalized and had her stomach pumped because the drink was poisoned. Another was given a drink with glue in it and started vomiting blood.

Real fans are insane Getty Images When you become a K-Pop star you're expected to look the part, nail your complicated dance routines, and be perfect in every aspect of your life. And if your fans see you slip just a little bit, they'll probably go crazy. According to Australian Broadcasting Corporationthe group TVXQ had fans tapping their phone lines so they could hear the calls of their idols, and some even broke into their apartments so they could "kiss them in their sleep.

Then there are the really extreme "private fans" known as Sasaeng. These people go as far as installing cameras in their idols' homes and sending them love letters written in menstrual blood. They have also left urine and poop in the homes of stars they like.

Pausing for a minute to let you get those images out of your head. And they aren't afraid to get violent. The Sasaeng have been known to attack stars they don't feel are paying them enough attention, or other fans that got too much affection from their idols. But not everyone thinks they're crazy. You can now get a specific taxi service in South Korea that will chase your favorite star at speeds of mph, putting everyone involved plus innocent bystanders at risk.

The hours are nuts Shutterstock You'd think that the work hours of a pop star are better than, say, those of a lawyer.

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Isn't it part of the whole "being famous" package that, yeah, you have to work nights but at least you get to sleep in? Maybe in some countries but not when you sign your soul over to become a K-Pop star. Say goodbye to sleep for the next decade. According to Seoul Beatsyou can forget money or fancy cars because sleep is a pop star's greatest luxury. SBS Pop Asia says that an average workday can be 20 hours, leaving just a few hours for sleep. That might be possible to pull off once or twice in a row, but this is all day every day.

And in between those precious few hours you constantly have a camera in your face, so you better be peppy and look gorgeous. That's probably why being hospitalized for exhaustion is just par for the course when you're a K-Pop star. Krystal, of f xhas fainted on screen so many times it's almost become a kind of trademark.

At one point she was doing a gig and passed out with the mic still in her hand, because that is professionalism. KpopStarz reports that one over-worked individual, SHINee's Minho, finally got some time off and fell asleep at a friend's house -— for 48 hours. Yeah, he was so tired he didn't wake up for two days, and it wasn't even in his own bed.

You're forced onto crazy diets and weight checks Shutterstock In K-Pop both guys and girls need to be thin thin thin, which encourages extreme diets in order to lose weight in a couple of weeks or even just in a few days. And these aren't just rumors. Hello K-Pop says that many stars have actually admitted to doing insane things just to lose some pounds or kilograms, since this is South Korea.

One of the favorites seems to be pick a low-fat, low-calorie food and just eat that all the time.

The K-Pop industry Dating Ban.

There's the watermelon diet, the lettuce diet, and the cucumber diet. They don't need much explanation. You take the food from the name and only eat that until you're happy with the number on the scale. Then there's the paper cup diet. Apparently one girl group, Nine Muses, is "well-known" for this one.

truth about kpop idols dating

You take a tiny paper cup and fill it with whatever you want, as long as it is healthy. So you only eat food that is good for you in unbelievably small servings. How do people not lose it and shove a whole chocolate cake in their mouth after a few days on these diets?

According to All K-Popbeing skinny is so important that no less than the CEOs of record companies supervise weigh-ins. If the number is too high, stars are told to lose weight immediately.

Racism is everywhere Getty Images SBS Pop Asia reported that Fei from Miss A said during an interview that during her early days on the pop scene she was tormented by people who thought she only showered once a week because she was Chinese. The singer Shannon was repeatedly called a foreigner and had negative comments written about her, even though she was actually half Korean.

And good luck if you're half-black. Many mixed-race K-Pop stars have talked about how people consider them "dirty" because of their heritage.

truth about kpop idols dating

One performer on the reality show Kpop Star made it to the top five but failed to find her audience almost certainly because she was half African-American. South Koreans seem to want their pop stars to be pure Korean and nothing else. Even the groups themselves have fallen afoul of overt racism.

Spin found that G-Dragon, the lead singer of boy group Big Bang, blacked himself up not once but twice. He posted an Instagram snap of him looking like Trayvon Martin shortly after his shooting.

The K-Pop industry Dating Ban. – P.S. I Love You

While he claimed that incident was a "HUGE misunderstanding," he had blacked up before in a video while trying to look like Andre You're expected to perform while injured Getty Images The machine of K-Pop doesn't just stop because you hurt yourself.

In fact, you better be ready to work through the pain. That might sound like the kind of thing you didn't get out of bed with, but she assured the fans watching that she was fine and proceeded to perform the energetic dance moves necessary to slake the mob's thirst for pop.

Similarly, a member of boy band EXO once performed despite his obvious ankle brace. Even if you hurt yourself while performing, you better be ready to keep going. GFriend's SinB dislocated her shoulder while dancing but carried on.

truth about kpop idols dating

An aspiring K-pop star, though, has to completely resculpt her face into the image of perfection—and few question this. Most live in a shared dorm with their bandmates, surviving on microwaved noodles. It even happens to the big stars.

One singer called Jo Kwon told the press that while he was in boot camp, he was forced to make the executives coffee, run odd jobs, and scrub the basement floor. As we mentioned before, South Korea has been trying to regulate how these kids are treated—but even their new, progressive laws are crazy by Western standards.

truth about kpop idols dating

There are rare times when they can actually move on to a better deal—which is why a lot of the agencies keep some dirt on their stars. One manager found out that one of his male clients was a closeted homosexual, and he decided to use it against him. It even happens to big names.

The manager of a major K-pop star named Baek Ji-young secretly filmed her having sex and used it to blackmail her when she tried to change contracts. When she tried to call his bluff, he leaked it onto the Internet, completely derailing her career for years. When he was finally arrested, it was because he got caught committing statutory rape. Sometimes, they just hand over massive wads of cash. With the least amount of money, you get the most effect.

They stalk the stars. Stalking K-pop stars is common enough that they have a name for it, sasaeng, and entire businesses are dedicated to helping sasaeng fans stalk their favorite stars. They caused a six-car pileup that could have killed the band and left the members traumatized for life. Popular groups have gone through some insane violations of privacy. One found out that their phones had been tapped by fans. Another person found a camera in his parking lot.

And another says that a girl broke into his home purely to steal his underwear. The weirdest story has to go to the group JYJ.