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Derek, 30, first shared a clip of his sibling, 27, and Aaron Tveit (Danny Zuko) singing the James Maslow Splits From Girlfriend Gabriela Lopez . Wendy Williams to Return After Apologizing for 'Less Than Stellar' Shows. He just told Wendy Williams that he has a girlfriend. Then Aaron's answer was that his wife keeps him grounded and that she would not want. Aaron Tveit on The Wendy Williams Show - 7/17/13 (x).

Apart from a few publicity shots she usually lurks in the shadows and perfers a group setting. She's only with Darren for business contacts.

She forced him to get her a job on Glee doing something trivial.

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R17 Blame the fucking dumb fangirls that still won't leave the washed up hack alone. Colfer gave Criss his ass on a plate and Criss tapped it.

wendy williams aaron tveit dating

Colfer wanted more, Criss didn't. As for me being jealous and bitter of not having Darren get real. He's going bald, he has a tiny cock and he is longer successful at acting. He's a total bust. The straights can have him, just a shame he doesn't want the straights. It isn't really much to tell.

Are Darren Criss and Aaron Tveit a Couple?

One or two hookups sometime in season two. Later Colfer was sick of being paired with Darren, said he wanted storylines away from Darren basically did a complete on him compared to how he was gagging for his cock in complete with exasperated sighs and eye rolls.

How you go from there to they must have been fucking is a leap. Colfer was over Glee when he started complaining so he had no reason to give a shit about the character or the show.

Heaping bitterness and shade on Criss was very personal. He hated kissing Criss in the end, a far cry from the beginning. If you know so much about Glee you would have obviously seen Colfer's body language change around Criss through the seasons. During his sophomore year, it happened that the casting director for a national tour of RENT was holding mock auditions in his college; what was termed as mock ended up being real for the young star and he landed an unexpected gig in the tour and thus, his acting career was born.

Aaron Tveit has been known to champion some charity endeavors which include; Stockings with Care Benefit Gala which he hosted in at Bowery Hotel Ballroom.

Are Darren Criss and Aaron Tveit a Couple?

This particular charity effort is geared towards granting holiday wishes to families who are homeless and also to people in the assistance program. In his hometown, there is a street known as Aaron Tveit Way which was dedicated to him on the 31st day of August Rumors have run rife about the love life of the handsome artist but according to our findings, most of the rumors are all lies, nothing but gossip and wild speculations.

While on the Wendy Williams show inthe famed actor alluded to the fact that he does have a woman in his life but prefers to keep tight lips about his personal life and affairs.

wendy williams aaron tveit dating

Even though Aaron Tveit has declined to talk about his love life, several sources are busy throwing up stuff from his past. It is said that he was in a romantic relationship with Jacqui Polk, a renowned theater actress for a few years; that their relationship which spanned between to was confirmed by Aaron himself who agreed that they have been an item for more than two years. The celebrity couple met on the set of Broadway production of Hairspray and their relationship commenced after a couple of months.

The rumors actually went ahead to dig up his supposed gay partner Darren Chris who is a fellow actor. Whatever it may be, Aaron has never been married in his life, does not have kids and thus, has never been involved in any divorce.