Nielsen online dating statistics

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nielsen online dating statistics

America's $ billion online-dating industry has split into a battle of the than an hour every day on a dating site or app, Nielsen data show. With Valentine's Day this weekend, many curious and lovelorn singles are turning to online dating sites to find that special someone. And if. Some Online Dating Statistics According to Nielsen* • One in three Internet users would now use the Web to meet a potential dating partner. • The Internet is the.

Across all categories reviewed, the online shopping activities with the lowest mentions include those that marketers often rely upon heavily to reach consumers—usage of online ads, store emails and social media. This becomes even more critical as location-based services become more prevalent. Consumers will be quick to distinguish marketing messages that are simply trying to sell from tools that actually help their shopping efforts, such as advanced order placement or mobile price-matching features.

Consequently, having the right assets and insights is necessary to fuel context-aware engagement. The sample for all countries except Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates includes Internet users who agreed to participate in this survey and has quotas based on age and sex for each country.

It is weighted to be representative of Internet consumers by country.

nielsen online dating statistics

Because the sample is based on those who agreed to participate, no estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. This Nielsen survey is based only on the behavior of respondents with online access.

Global and regional averages used in this report are based on weighted country data. Internet penetration rates vary by country.

The Female/Male Digital Divide

In Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, a face-to-face methodology was used for nearly 1, respondents. To start our investigation, we looked at trends across OkCupid OKC and Tinder, two popular dating apps that were launched eight years apart and have somewhat different approaches to online dating. For example, OKC tends to draw a morning crowd that seems to spend time checking matches and messages when they get up and right before bed. When we look at unique audience, we see that a larger percentage of all OKC users sign in both in the morning and night.

But what about other communication apps? Outside of the dating arena, our share-of-minute analysis found a handoff from one app to the other throughout the day.

What Consumers Will Pay for Online [STATS]

Snapchat leads in share of users. Sixty percent or more of Snapchatters open the app at least once during most hours of the day. There are also a few apps that blur the lines between social networking communication and messaging.

Within this genre, usage across Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Messenger follows remarkably consistent bell curves. Only at night do the apps begin to show their colors.

nielsen online dating statistics

No matter the media, we do see people up quite late. Email apps follow very similar trends throughout the day, with the exception of a regular spike in Microsoft Outlook minutes in the afternoon.