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revised version 1881 online dating

Revised Version (RV) - Hundreds of versions in + different languages - the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now or read online. The New Testament was completed in , and the Revised Version of the Old. The Revised Version, Standard American Edition of the Bible, more commonly known as the Online as, American Standard Version at Wikisource The Revised Version New Testament was published in , the Old Testament in . created from a revision of the article "American Standard Version" dated Revised Version (RV): the authorized revision of King James Version (). New Testament published in and Old Testament in The English.

It will remain a monument of the industry of its authors and a treasury of their opinions and erudition; but, unless we are entirely mistaken, until its English has undergone thorough revision it will not supplant the Authorised Version. After all, the chief use of the present attempt will be as a work of reference in which the grammatical niceties of the New Testament diction are treated with laboured fidelity. With regard to the Revised New Testament, in answer to many enquiries we are only able to go thus far.

It is a valuable addition to our versions, but it will need much revision before it will be fit for public use. To translate well, the knowledge of two languages is needed: Comparing the two, in our judgment the old version is the better.

In a book defending the Revised Version against the charge of excessive literalism and pedantry, Brooke Foss Westcott explains: It has been, I repeat, a satisfaction to the Revisers to find, from the attacks which have been made upon their work, that they were able to take account of all that could be said against the conclusions which they deliberately adopted with a full sense of their responsibility.

revised version 1881 online dating

But it is a far deeper satisfaction to them that their work has given a powerful impulse to a close and patient investigation of the apostolic texts. And the claim which they confidently make—the claim which alone could justify their labours—is that they have placed the English reader far more nearly than before in the position of the Greek scholar; that they have made it possible for him to trace out innumerable subtleties of harmonious correspondence between different parts of the New Testament which were hitherto obscured ; that they have given him a copy of the original which is marked by a faithfulness unapproached, I will venture to say, by any other ecclesiastical version.

And while they have done this, they have at the same time given him the strongest possible assurance of the substantial soundness of the familiar English rendering which they have reviewed with the most candid and unreserved criticism. This endeavour after faithfulness was indeed the ruling principle of the whole work.

revised version bible online dating

From first to last, the single object of the Revisers was to allow the written words to speak for themselves to Englishmen, without any admixture of gloss, or any suppression of roughness. Faithfulness must, indeed, be the supreme aim of the Biblical translator.

In the record of a historical Revelation no sharp line can be drawn between the form and the spirit. The form is the spirit. The Bible is, we believe, not only a collection of most precious literary monuments, but the original charter of our Faith. No one can presume to say that the least variation is unimportant. The translator, at any rate, is bound to place all the facts in evidence, as far as it is possible for him to do so.


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revised version 1881 online dating

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Charles John Vaughan, D. Brooke Foss Westcott, D. Troutbeck SecretaryDean's Yard, Westminster. Henry Alford, Dean of Canterbury; the Rev. Samuel Prideaux Tregelles, LL. Charles Merivale, Dean of Ely. The American Revision Commitee.

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